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RB Ahmad Bradshaw Interview


Q: How much were you able to do and how happy are you to be out there?
A: I am happy to be out there. I felt great. My plan is to do everything that I was doing the last weeks that I did play. Hopefully I can handle everything.

Q:  Do you think that you satisfied Coach Coughlin's requirements to play?A: I think so. He wanted to see if I was comfortable on my feet and with our offense and with the Green Bay defense. I think I satisfied him and I satisfied myself as well.

Q: Will it all depend on how you feel tomorrow?A: I am ready to go.

Q: Do you feel any soreness when you go out there?A: At first we had a lot of padding on it and it felt great last week with the padding on it. This week I think it was just a lot around the bone. It was a lot of pressure on it with the tape, the padding and just squeezing on the bone so I took all of it off. It felt perfect.

Q: So you had less padding on?A: Right.

Q: Did you try different shoes?A: I did, I tried a couple and I got a comfortable shoe that we tried. It feels good.

Q: How effective do you expect to be?A: If I am out there, you will see everything. I put it all on the field. If I have to break this foot, I will and cut it off. 

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