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RB Ahmad Bradshaw Interview


Q: Are you on the same plan as last week where you practice a little Friday and play in the game?A: Yes, I have been on this routine for a while, which is not a good thing but it keeps me healthy for the games. I think last week, we did it and I came out in the game feeling great. It kind of set in on me after a couple plays and all the pain and everything was just gone. I was able to go out there and play.

Q: How is the Dallas defense compared to the Green Bay defense?A: Their edges are similar in terms of them being off the edges. The outside linebacking corps on both teams are pretty fabulous. They are fabulous football players and they do a great job of getting after the quarterback. We game planned pretty good last week so that we were able to settle it down and we got comfortable and as long as we can do that, we will be fine.

Q: How important is it for the offense to stay on schedule?A:* *Running backs, we just like to sit on the edges and help our tackles. DeMarcus Ware and Spencer, they are great football players and all we can try to do is slow them down and take the pressure off of Eli.

Q: How much of a difference is the offense when you are able to run the ball?A: It opens up our pass if we can run the ball and stay downhill with it. Our pass game just opens up a whole lot more. It takes a lot of pressure off Eli having to throw the ball downfield and make the great plays that he makes. I think if our running game can stay effective and do what we do, we will be fine.

Q: Any thoughts on Mike Jenkins' comments about Brandon Jacobs?A: All we can do is take it as ammo. We don't talk here, we just play football. It has nothing to do with us. He loves me, so that is all that matters.

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