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RB Ahmad Bradshaw on the Jets


Q: Is there a different schedule for you this week?

A: It was just to get it over with. I want to be as healthy as I can for this game. I wanted to freshen up on a lot of things just to be competitive.   

Q: What is the mindset of the team?

A: We are ready to go. This is one of the biggest games of the year for us. It is a must-win and we like it like that.

* *

Q: Do you want the bragging rights in New York?

A: We are not worried about that. It is a rivalry and we just want to win and take it to the next game. Hopefully we can come out and play hard, start off fast, and be able to rest at the end.

* *

Q: What is different this week with the team?

A: Just the confidence that we have. We lost one and this is the one we have to win.

* *

Q: Does it matter who plays on the offensive line to you this week?

A: Just run the ball.

* *

Q: Where does that confidence come from?

A: We have our backs against the wall and we play better like that. It has been that way for a while with us and I think we play better that way.

* *

Q: Why do you think you play better like that?

A: Because we have our backs against the wall so we let it all out on the field.

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