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RB Ahmad Bradshaw Transcript

Q: How did it feel to be back out there playing?A: It felt great. I love this game and that's where we should be. We should be playing football and I'm glad to be back.

Q: Are you worried at all about the offense?A: Not at all, we know what we can do. We know we need a lot more work and we will get better as it comes.

Q: How different is it playing with a new offensive line?A: No, it doesn't feel new. It feels the same. We have a lot of great guys up front and they are trustworthy. All they have to do is get to their blocks and I think we can make a lot of progress.

Q: Have the running back roles been defined?A: It is the same as last year. We will take turns doing what we do. We are both good backs, no matter what situation they put us in. We can handle business.

Q: Are you capable of running in short yardage situations?A: Oh definitely. I will be in short yardage and be able to use my speed around the corner if I have to and my power up the middle.

Q: Do you need reps in the preseason?A: We just want to stay fresh. That is what it is about, staying healthy and getting your work in at the same time. Hopefully we can all get reps and get some work in during the preseason and like I said, just be healthy for the first game.

Q: Is this the best you have felt in a while?A: In years, and I feel great.

Q: What is it exactly?A: You know it is a little bit of everything. I just feel fresh and young again. Like I said, I feel tremendous on my feet.

Q: You haven't felt this good before in the preseason?A: It just takes a toll. The screws I have now in my feet make it feel 10 times better. The factures were just bad on my feet.

Q: So was the lockout a good thing for you?A: It was a great thing. I got to spend a lot of time with my family and just rest. That was a huge thing, just rest.

Q: Do you expect to practice every day?A: I love to practice. It gets us better. However we can maintain and stay fresh, I think it will help.

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