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RB Andre Brown Transcript


Q: How do you feel right now?A: I feel good. I feel healthy. I am just going out here and I am working hard. I am just getting better every day.

Q: How is it different from last year?A: Last year I was just getting out from surgery so I felt like all I could do was run straight ahead. I couldn't make cuts like I wanted to and I am a natural jump cutter. I like to jump in and out of things but I didn't feel that pop. During this lockout I trained really hard and it ended up being really beneficial for me because I ended up getting stronger and faster. 

Q: Do you feel at home here?A: Yes, I know most of the guys and I am comfortable around them. They drafted me, I like the coaching staff, I like everybody in the facility and this is where I am comfortable. I think that is also allowing me to run the way that I am because I am happy where I am and I am comfortable.

Q: How surprised are you that you are back in New York?A: I am really surprised. Once Washington released me, I started sending out job resumes. I worked hard over the lockout and I thought Washington was going to give me a shot. I felt like I had to go to plan B and use my degree.  

Q: What kind of jobs did you have?A: Over the lockout, I worked at some marketing firms and advertising. I did some PR with a triple A baseball team in Raleigh, the Mudcats. Just stuff like that, just to stay busy. I managed my money well but I was still trying to save most of that money so I got a job too.     

Q: What kind of work did you do?A: I was not full time, I worked a couple weekends.

Q: Did you write press releases?A: No not press releases, they had me doing intern work. I was doing most of the information and getting all the stats.

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