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RB Brandon Jacob


On if he was happy to make some receptions:

"I was able to get out there and make some plays on pass plays. I was able to get some yards out there and help us move the ball. It is nice to make some receptions sometimes and go in for touchdowns."

On whether he thinks early this was a key win:

"I think this was a big win. We had not beaten Philly here in a while and this was a big game. We beat a good team with good talent and a great quarterback. They have a great defensive line and we showed that we can win games against good teams."

On whether he was surprised that the Eagles did not make the big plays:

"I was surprised that QB Michael [Vick] was not more involved in big plays in the game. I guess he could not think as straight today. Vick is a great player and I commend the way our defense played against him. I never wish an injury on any player but with him going out we were able to make more plays on defense."

On whether the Giants shut the Eagles up and the fans:

"I think we definitely shut everyone up here because we walked off the field with a big win points wise. There is no question that we played better today because we capitalized on their turnovers. I think the Eagles are a good team with a lot of talent but today was our day."

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