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RB Brandon Jacobs

Q: How is your neck feeling?

A: The neck is good. The neck is really good, actually. I can turn it in every direction that it goes in. It's fine. It's doing good. It's right on track to be where it needs to be.

Q: You hurt it doing shoulder shrugs in the weight room?

A: That's what it was. It's fine though, you know, you get through it. It's nothing big.

Q: You're going to be going today?

A: Yeah. I'll be out there today. Full speed. Doing what is called upon me to do.

Q: What did you think of the running game in your absence?

A: Nothing. It was preseason. You barely get a chance to get out and do anything. We averaged 4.3 yards per carry. I think that was great, given the opportunities that we had to run the ball. Because it's the preseason, there are people getting looked at in different areas so…I thought it was fine.

Q: Was there any worry on your part when you first hurt your neck?

A: No, not any serious worry. It was painful, but it's something that was going to go away, I knew that, with proper treatment and taking care of it the right way. It never was really a big issue with me.

Q: How do you feel you've been running so far in the preseason?

A: I feel like I've been running good so far at training camp and in the Jets game that I played in, I feel like I ran pretty well. Only time will tell. I feel good. A hundred percent. My leg is feeling great, my hip is good, ankles are good, toes, everything is good.

Q: Did you just pull something wrong in your neck?

A: Yeah. I think because I was cold when I went in there and started to do it and it ended up I just got in there and did it too fast instead of warming up and that's what happened?

Q: You knew right away that you hurt it?

A: I knew right away, but I didn't think it was going to be up to the point of missing the game. I just thought that it was something that was going to go away and I could be right out there, but it was so close to the game, which is probably why I ended up having to miss it.

Q: It was the day before?

A: Two days before the game.

Q: How much rust do you think is still on you, given that you haven't had a whole lot of snaps in the preseason?

A: I don't have any rust. This is what I do. This is my sixth year in the league. I know what it is, I know what it's coming to. No rust. Just get out there and do what I'm called upon to do.

Q: There's been a lot of talk about shortening the preseason to two games. Do you feel like if you had to start the season now that you would be able to?

A: If I had to start the season now, would I be able to? Yeah. No question. Like I said, this is what we do. This is our livelihood. We've got to be able to do it whenever we're called upon to do it.

Q: You had mentioned that you're putting more of a focus on flexibility as opposed to strength this year in your training. Have you changed any how you run to avoid that pounding?

A: Well, flexibility has a lot to do with that, changing directions and doing things – hip flexibility, a lot of core strength to make certain cuts and be strong while making them and no leaving your body in the wrong positions – yeah, I think that will help me add a lot to my game.

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