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RB Brandon Jacobs

Q. Does the first Philly game and the way that they manhandled the Giants weigh on your mind going into this one?
A.  It hurts, no question about it. We know they are a good football team but there is no way in hell that first game should have gone the way it went. Not taking anything away from them but we played terrible. We weren't on top of our game and they took advantage of it, just as they should have and just like we would have.
Q. How much do you believe both teams have changed since that game?
A. A bunch. They have had a few close games lately, they still have been playing well, the defense is playing really, really well. We've got our hands full, no question about it, but it starts during the week. It starts yesterday, it starts today and Friday. We have to practice better, we have to eat better, we have to do everything better than what they are doing all week long.
Q. How is the energy level? Is their any concern that you might have spent it all against Dallas?
A. No, I think guys are ready to go. I think we are in position. The way the season has gone we didn't think we would have this chance. Playing the way we have played over the last six weeks and still having the opportunity and to still have a shot to win the division, guys are up and ready to go. They couldn't kick us out when we were playing bad so now you have to live with us.
Q. Do you think you guys match up with them offensively?
A. No question about it. They have a lot of talent. They have DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin. They are very explosive; they have a couple guys coming off the bench that make plays for them. I don't know if (Brian) Westbrook is playing this week but he's another explosive player. They have the young running back in LeSean McCoy. They are very talented on offense. We just are going to have to come out and match their intensity because if we don't the same thing that happened the first time will happen again.
Q. Would you rather it be a smash mouth, close, pound it out kind of game?
A. I think that is the game against the Eagles that usually happens. Anybody can win those. It's the ones where a team puts up 40 points and there is no question who is the winner. I think it's going to be a much better football game second time around.
Q. What did you like best about the way your team played last week?
A. I think we went out and had a lot of energy. I liked that the sideline was up into the game the whole time. That kind of fueled guys, guys see that and thought let's get it going.
Q. Did you watch the tape of your touchdown catch and run down the sideline?
A. I watched it just one time. No, I'm lying I watched it about 100 times.
Q. Were you even impressed to see how fast you were?
A. No, if I can get that kind of a head of steam, which never happens in this league because you always have to stop and make some kind of cut. So when it does happen you have to take advantage of it.
Q. Do you think the Eagles will have a linebacker keeping an eye out for another pass to you?
A. I have no idea; I don't think they will alter their defense because of me and that one run. If it does, then I hope that someone else can take advantage of that.
Q. Is this a game where you want to control ball possession to keep their offense off the field?
A. No question, you want that in every game. You want to keep an explosive offense like that off of the field, no matter who you are playing against and no matter how good your defense is. You want to keep an offense like that on the sideline where they can't do any harm.
Q. How much of your job is going to be helping Eli pick up blitzes?
A. They do a lot of stuff on defense. You have to be there, have to know your keys, have to know your tips. You have to be on the tips that they are giving you and know who is coming from where. It's not hard because they are asking us to do a bunch where I am helping this person and running routes between all that stuff and you still have to be able to get it done. So I don't think it will be a problem at all.

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