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RB Brandon Jacobs

Q. How about the challenge of being head on with (Albert) Haynesworth when you try and run up the middle?

A. It's the same challenge. I'm taking it as if you run into any defensive lineman in the league. He's a human being, he walks on two feet, and he bleeds. He puts his pants on one leg at a time. I mean he is a great player, don't get me wrong. Probably one of the most dominant players in the NFL, but there is no reason to go in there and only think about him. They have a whole defensive team and they are very good at what they do. We are just looking forward to going out and executing against them.

Q. Do you expect that they are going to load up and try and stop you to kind of test your passing game because no one is quite sure what to make of it yet?

A. I don't know what their game plan is going to be. I am just going in, and we are all going into this game, getting ready to play a hard fought, physical football game against a division opponent. We know how it is, we know they have a lot of talent, they are all healthy and we have to go in with our 'A' game. Can't get caught slipping, neither can they. So we have to go in there being on our Ps and Qs.

Q. If they do something like that, do you think you can turn something around like that and use it to your advantage?

A. Oh, no question. I think our receivers are good enough to be ready to win. We definitely have a good enough quarterback and offensive line to protect. It's just a matter of it all coming down to executing.

Q. The week before the game how much excitement is building up until game day?

A. There is a lot of excitement but at some point you have to learn to keep a lid on it and not totally blow it too far out of proportion. Just to get too pumped, it takes a lot of energy to get pumped up and takes more energy to calm down. You want to get up and build up throughout the week and be on that max on Sunday.

Q. If they do load up the box, do you still have to run the ball at times?

A. It's good to stay committed to it. Keep them thinking and keep the passing game opened up. If you get away from it, then they have accomplished there goal. You know we played the Steelers last year and they kept it jam-packed and we had 70-80 yards on the ground with me and Derrick (Ward), which is still pretty good on the run. We just have to keep going and that opened up Plax (Plaxico Burress) and other receivers to be able to play and make big plays.

Q. Tom Coughlin said today that even with Derrick (Ward) gone the backs are going to catch passes. Do you look forward to an increased role?

A. We are going to do our thing. Us as backs we are going to do our thing, like I said. Ahmad (Bradshaw), Danny (Ware) is very talented, there is no reason why we should drop off a half a notch than what we were last year. We should be up higher a notch because we are a bit younger now. Derrick (Ward) is a tremendous talent, I love Derrick like a brother from another mother and all of you guys know that, but we can't take credit away from Ahmad and Danny. We can't throw them under the bus and (say) that they can't do it. It's not good, so we know what those guys can do in this locker room and I think we are going to be fine.

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