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RB Brandon Jacobs

Q. You are heading in to play another 0-3 opponent, can you discuss how important it is to keep your mindset focused?

A. We don't ever look at opponents as 0-3 and not playing well and all that other stuff. We know Kansas City has a lot of talent on their football team and we know that they can peak at any minute. We don't want to be the team that they peak on. We are working hard all week long. Working together to get better and to go into the game on Sunday giving it everything that we have.

Q. Every game you have sort of fixed what wasn't working the week before. Coming into this week, what is it that you guys are working on?

A. Our whole game, we want the defense to play better than last week, the offense to play better than what we played last week. There is still room for improvement. There is still room for improvement all across the board. Whether or not we want it, we've got to go get it.

Q. Have you been running any differently this year in terms of your style?

A. No, I don't feel that I'm doing anything. I feel like I'm running the same way I was running last year. Getting a little bit smarter, being patient, let the scheme happen for me. You just can't run in there and think that you can outrun your blocks.

Q. Do you think that patience is what the analysts were talking about on Sunday?

A. I don't care about analysts. They are analysts. They are going to say what they've got to say. I am here, we are 3-0, and that's all I am focusing on.

Q. Do you think defenses are playing you differently?

A. Yeah, we are a running team and teams come in and try to stop the run. It is going to come together for me, I am not pushing it, I am not rushing. It is going to start popping open for me. It's a long season.

Q. We all talk about how great it is to have the one-two punch with you and Ahmad (Bradshaw). He says he is going to play this week. If he is not able to go, how does that change the whole complexion of your running game?

A. It doesn't, it doesn't because he is going to play. We aren't getting into that. We are going to go out and do what we've been doing. You've got to step it up a tab, work a little bit harder.

Q. Did you add Tony Siragusa to your Christmas card list?

A. Next question, please. I don't want to talk about Tony Siragusa. Not at all. Not worth it.

Q. Does that motivate you? Your teammates came to your defense.

A. Once again, I don't want to talk about the comment that was made by Tony Siragusa. I don't really care about a Tony Siragusa. Next question.

Q. What are some of the challenges that will be presented to you this Sunday?

A. I think they are very fast. They have a lot of guys on their team that make plays. They are very heavy up front. They have a good defensive front that makes plays and gets after the quarterback. We have a challenge ahead of us.

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