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RB Brandon Jacobs

Q. How are you feeling after getting your teeth pulled?
A. I am doing pretty good. Hurting really bad but not an issue, I got it taken care of. It's not going to be anything that can hold me back.
Q. Are your teeth feeling okay?
A. We are getting ready to play the last game at Giants Stadium against a good Carolina game and you are asking me about teeth. I appreciate your concern, though.
Q. What are your thoughts about playing in this last game and being part of the history like that?
A. Definitely emotional, you are going to be very emotional. I have been here, this is going to be my fifth year and to have the thought that we won't have a chance to play at the stadium again other than on Sunday is going to be very emotional. The new place is very nice, don't get me wrong, but it's not this place. Giants Stadium holds a lot of memories for the organization and for me as a player of this organization.
Q. When you got a chance to watch the Panthers vs. Vikings game, they totally shut down Adrian Peterson and that Vikings offense. What did you see or what bothered you when you looked at it?
A. Nothing bothered me. They played great defense, they had that safety behind the box, Chris Harris was down in the box and made a lot of plays. They got pressure on the quarterback and did a good job with Minnesota. They played really sound defense and didn't really give up too much. We've got a tough task on our hands.
Q. Any Christmas cards from the league this week?
A. No I didn't.
Q. They didn't fine you?
A. They did, they fined me for it.
Q. What are some of your most favorite memories of playing at Giants Stadium?
A. First of all, just being a part of the NFL. Getting drafted and being here ever since I was a rookie is big. We've had some great games that we played at the stadium. The best game that I have ever been involved with in that stadium was the Denver Broncos game three or four years ago. Amani (Toomer) caught the ball at the end of the game to bring it home for us. That was my best memory as far as a game. It's a lot of them; I can talk all day about them.
Q. You played Carolina last year for the number one seed in the NFC playoffs. What do you remember from that game and how much have they changed?
A. They haven't really changed that much. There are the same guys out there who are doing a lot. They lost Thomas Davis earlier in the season. He was a great player and did a great job for them, but everything else is basically still the same. They are a physical team, a physical bunch and they play hard.
Q. Do they do a lot schematically or do they just line up and say bring it to us?
A. They line up and say bring it to us and let the better man win, who hits the hardest and so on and so forth. They are a very good football team, they're coached good and have had the same type of year like we have. We know they are a good team that can turn it around anytime.
Q. Can you sense on the field that Eli is really started to pick it up to another level?A. Oh no question. E is our leader out there, he puts us in the right situations to win football games and for us to be able to go out and execute. He did a really good job. All season long he has gotten us in and out of some things when he sees the d

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