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RB Brandon Jacobs

Q. How is Ahmad (Bradshaw) feeling?

A. Ahmad is feeling great. He has his normal routine that he goes through and we will get out there in the game on Sunday and ball.

Q. They have two familiar names on their line, Greg Ellis and Richard Seymour. Is that where the strength of their rush defense is?

A. Their front four is very good and they have athletic linebackers. We have our hands full. They are coming in and trying to get a win. They want to beat a good team, so we have to be on our Ps and Qs. We know that they are going to come in here and try to do it. Like you said, they have Richard Seymour and Greg Ellis who know us well. We have to go in there with our A game.

Q. What's your approach, that Eli (Manning) is not able to go this Sunday?

A. Same approach it would be if he went. Go out and try to win the football game and be the best I can be to produce for my football team.

Q. Can momentum occur as far as the running game is concerned from week to week?

A. There can be momentum. It all depends on your guys. We get going, I think it is going to be hard to stop us. If we take long and don't jump on them right away, first of all, we got to go out and have them guessing. We have to go out and mix it up a little bit. Go out and break some long runs. Put the safeties in the box, start throwing it around. We have to be very consistent on both sides of it to be really, really damaging in the run.

Q. When you see a guy like (Richard) Seymour get traded from the Patriots to the Raiders, does your heart kind of go out to him a little bit?

A. This is the business man. My heart doesn't really go out to him. This is the business. This is the business we are in and we have to take it for what it is. He is still playing ball. Some guys are out there are on the street and they don't have a job at all.

Q. Is it weird going through this week and having David (Carr) out there running with the first team?

A. No. David Carr came into this league as a starter and I will always look at him as a starter. He had some tough times earlier in his career and I think he has gotten by that. I think he is ready to go. It's not weird seeing him in there. He knows what he has to do and us as a team, we have full faith in him.

Q. Eli has been out there for so many practices and so many games. Do you look around thinking, where is he?

A. It is definitely weird not seeing E (Eli) out there. Nature has to take its course. Whatever is wrong with him has to heal. We will be fine with David. David is a good quarterback and knows what he is doing. I think he will take good care of us.

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