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RB Brandon Jacobs

Q. You are going to Dallas, first road game, first game in that stadium. What do you think?

A. I am ready. The team is ready.  We have to work during the week and get better and try and execute a little better than we did last week. Dallas looked good last weekend against Tampa Bay. They played a well rounded game, offense and defense, special teams played well. They look like they are ready to make a good run for it. We have to go here to this new palace and try and match their intensity.
Q. How exciting is this?

A. It's very exciting. Being the first team to open up someone's new stadium is a good thing. I know it's beautiful down there and I am anxious to go see because we have a new one that is coming up here next year. I want to see what's the big difference in the stadium. I know it's probably a couple million dollars but I am really excited to go down and play.

Q. Because of the new stadium, do you want to spoil the party? Is that added motivation for you?

A. You don't want to ever lose a divisional game whether the stadium was built in 1909 or one that was built today. Going and playing against Dallas is always a tough game and here or there, we have to go with winning on our minds.

Q. You have never hid your feelings about your dislike for the Cowboys, is it still the same?

A. It's still the same. Dallas doesn't like us and a couple of guys on their team made that pretty clear earlier in the week. We have guys in this locker room who are going to make that clear as well. We don't like each other, it's a rivalry that has been going for a long time and I am really excited to be a part of it and take it up to another level this Sunday.

Q. How much of the short yardage difficulties last week were you guys able to correct by looking at the films?

A. We just have to execute better. Whatever the reasons were, I think guys in this locker room are committed to getting better and making our offensive team better. We just have to execute better. It's not just one thing or one player, it's just us a whole.

Q. It seems like when you play the Cowboys every year there seems to be a little trash getting thrown back and forth?

A. Well, the reason I hate the Cowboys so much -- I am going to put me in this, I am going to take my team out of this. The reason I hate the Cowboys so much is because they have so many fans. Everywhere you go someone is always saying Big D! Go Big D! I don't want to hear that crap. That's what makes me hate them.

Q. Are you interested to see what that new place looks like?

A. I am very interested to see. I want to go down and see what it looks like and compliment the guys, 'look man, you've got a nice place here.' I am not afraid to say that. Because a lot of people that have been in it say, man, look that place is nice! I don't know how many people it fits but they say it's nice.

Q. Are you excited to see yourself on that big, big, big screen?

A. Yeah, as long as it's not in my way. We are going down there for an all out war.

Q. There are going to be 100,000 Dallas fans all over the place. Is it going to crazy in there?

A. We went down there once before and played, I know Texas Stadium didn't hold 100 (thousand). They can't play out on the field, so it doesn't matter how many they hold. We have to go in there and hold strong and don't break.

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