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RB Brandon Jacobs

Q. How big is this game coming up?

A. It is a huge game following two losses. We have a good football team in front of us who has been playing well, they have a lot of big time weapons on their football team. You have to be ready for this one. We've got to keep pushing. There is a long season left. We can't let our last two losses bother us. We've got to keep working hard.

Q. How much did Jim Johnson mean to that defensive unit?

A. I don't really pay attention to a lot of things, but Jim, Mr. Johnson, was a great defensive coordinator and most definitely good against us. He did a lot of things against us and against a lot of other teams. The way he used certain people on defense. It looks like they are still doing the same things when the guys on the defense know what the defense is they are trying to keep that up.

Q. They have been having some trouble at linebacker. They lost a guy for the year; they signed Trotter, now they traded for Witherspoon. Is that an area you guys may try to exploit, if possible?

A. Philly has always had a good group of backers, no matter who was there. One or two or maybe one other, one of the backs can always make the other rise up and play well. We all know Trotter has been in that defense for a couple of years and knows it. He is a physical player and I am looking forward to the challenge.

Q. Do you feel like you were getting into a rhythm the other night?

A. I felt good the other night. I hope we could have won the game, of course all of us do. It is like I always say, it is a long season you've got to carry on. You have to carry on from one game to another.

Q. Historically they have a blitz happy defense. Since they have changed defensive coordinators, is it still a similar type of defense?

A. They haven't changed, they haven't changed. Whenever you get off the bus, they bring the pressure. We have to be ready for it. They do a lot of blitzing. They do a lot of crazy looking things. You've got to be able to pick it up. If you let them succeed at what they d,o they just keep doing it and will be a pain in the rear the whole game. What you have to do is go in and get our protections down. Know all of our keys early and block it up the best that we can.

Q. These games against the Eagles they always seem to be close going down to the wire. Do you as a player enjoy these kinds of games?

A. No question. Philly is a great opponent for us every year, especially down there. Every time we play against the Eagles it is always a hard fought game; a tough, physical game. Guys will be chirping at one another. I am looking forward to it. I can't wait.

Q. Does last year's playoff lose still sting?

A. Oh, no question. No matter if we lost to Philly or anybody else, it still feels the same. It is a division game and unfortunately we had to lose in the playoffs to the Eagles. We knew they were hot. They played pretty well and they deserved it. They wanted it more than us. It is a new year and we have on our minds that we are going to go down there and working hard in practice all during the week. We are going to go down there and play as hard as we can.

Q. When you lose a couple of games in a row, does doubt set in?

A. You can't let doubt set in because then you will lose two more in a row. You have to be strong and know your area of where you played bad and where you have to play better.

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