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RB Brandon Jacobs

Brandon Jacobs

September 5, 2011

Q: How do you feel about the offense?

A: I think that people are overlooking the offense. We have a lot of talent on our offense and we have a lot of young guys. We have a leader that is putting his foot down harder and harder every year and taking charge of our offense. We have great coaches that are putting us in position to do what we need to do. People can be down on us, I guess, because of the two week free agency because of the lockout or whatever the reason is but I think we are going to be great. The team we will put out there on every Sunday on offense, defense and special teams is going to be one of the best in the league. We just have to keep working hard and want it more than our opponent.

Q: Do you feel like the running game could be better than it was last year?

A: I think the running game definitely can be better than it was last year. I don't think we ran the ball with conviction last year like we want to this year. Like I said, we will be put in the right place and we are going to be ready to take it and run with it. It is just a matter of if they want to give it to us. 

Q: What do you mean about Eli putting his foot down harder and harder?

A: I think he is just coming into his role. If you play quarterback in the National Football League, there is a lot of responsibility. First you have to worry about your stuff and getting your stuff down, then you have to get the offense down to the T with your eyes closed. Then you can help out the people around you and making sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and what they are supposed to be reading. It takes some time at the quarterback position and I think he is right where he needs to be now and taking us right where we need to go.

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