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RB Brandon Jacobs


Q: How are you feeling?

A: I feel pretty good today. I didn't do much. I am just waiting for the time when they unleash me and let me do a little running and stuff like that but I feel good though. 

Q: Do you plan on playing Sunday?

A: I really don't know what they are thinking as far as that. You have to speak to coach Coughlin.  

* *

Q: What do you think?

A: It doesn't matter what I think.   

* *

Q: Did this happen in Arizona?

A: I did it in Arizona I think in the third quarter or something like that. I don't know what play but I do know I did it in the second half.

* *

Q: Is this the same knee?

A: No, it is a different one. It doesn't feel too bad. I am just waiting to be unleashed and that is about it.

* *

Q: How close is the running game to being fixed?

A: It is always a bunch of little things in the running game. If this guy would have done this or that and if we would have taken a different cut and everybody plays freeze football but unfortunately you can't freeze it when you are out on the field. We are not happy and this team or organization is not happy with where we are rushing. We have to get it better.

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