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RB Brandon Jacobs


Q: How different are the Eagles this time around?

A: They have depth and they believe in their guys. No matter who they have in there, they think they can get the job done. The difference about the defense now compared to the first time we played them is that they bring a lot more pressure. It is kind of like the old Eagles defense. They fire the Sam or strong safety. They have a lot of secondary guys coming and we have to be on our P's and Q's. We know they are going to try some new things against us. We just have to be ready for it.  

Q: What is the importance of establishing a running game this weekend?

A: That is always important. If we can run the ball, we will be able to do a lot of things. That is week in and week out to establish the run and get them on their toes.

* *

Q: You don't like this team do you?

A: I don't like any team that is in our division, to be honest with you. None of the teams in our division like us and, more so, don't like me a lot.

* *

Q: How do you approach this game?

A: Like it is going to be a tough game. We have to go in with everything that we have. We know the type of team that they are and we know their backs are up against the wall. We know they are going to come out fighting. Mathematically, they are still in it. They are not going to come in and just lay down. We have to come in and put out the best effort we can to win this game.   

* *

Q: What did the victory earlier this season tell you about your Giants team?

A: This is a business and we all get paid for what we do. We all don't win every week because we face each other. I know they believe in their guys and this is the first year that they are together. They have a lot of talent on that football team. We can't go in and fall asleep on them and have them come alive against us.   

* *

Q: Do you still hold a grudge about what happened last season?

A: That is always going to be a sad part in my heart, no question. You have to move on. If you keep dwelling on that, then you will be nervous every time 10 gets back there. He is their guy and we have to deal with it. We should have beaten them then but things didn't work out that way for us, as everyone knows. We have to go out there and put our best foot forward.  

Q: Do you feel like the fourth quarter is different for this team this year?

A: I do feel like that. If a game is coming into the fourth quarter, I think our team is going to rise to the occasion and outscore our opposition. We have done it. We have to hang in there. We have to execute better and have less penalties early on in the game so that it won't be that hard for us late in the fourth quarter to come out with a win.

* *

Q: Do you feel confident being the number one back again this week?

A: Yes, I feel good. I feel good every week. I know their defense and what they do and they know us. It is going to be a hard-hitting, tough, grind-it-out football game. That is what I am looking at it as. I am going to take what I can get by going over the top of somebody. It is going to be a hard-hitting game, they are going to be coming downhill and I am going to be going downhill as well. 

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