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RB Brandon Jacobs Interview


Q: Do you grow tired of hearing all the talking from Rex Ryan?A: No, that is just Rex being Rex. You can't read into it. He does everything he needs to do to get his team fired up and you can't blame him. If that is what he feels like he has to do, then he has to do it. They are a team that needs to make the playoffs and we are a team that needs to make the playoffs as well. It is going to be a dog fight. * *

Q: What do you think about teams that have to do a lot of talking?A:* *I think they are trying to fulfill something or put something in people that just may not be there.  Sometimes I talk and say things because maybe this won't happen but I am going to make myself believe it.

Q: Do you use trash talk from other teams as motivation?
A: It all depends on what it is. Me, myself, I believe in it a little bit. Like I said, whatever Coach Ryan has to do to get his players ready to play, I am with that. That is what he chooses to do and how he handles his team. He and Coach Coughlin are two different guys and they handle things differently. It is going to be a good game. We have to win and they have to win so who wants it bad enough.

* *

Q: Does it get you upset to hear Rex say they are the better team for the last two years?

A: No, it doesn't upset me because like I said, he is trying to put something in somebody's mind that may not even be there.

Q: Do you think teams mirror their coaches and if Rex Ryan was here, you would talk more?

A: Absolutely, no question and I am surprised that a lot of them don't do a lot of chirping but if Rex was here, that is what it would be like.

* *

Q: Do you think they will make this a Jets town with a win?

A: You are going to need a hell of a lot more than this game to make that happen. We are looking to get into the playoffs and they are looking to get in the playoffs. That is how we are looking at it. New York versus New York and all that other talk, we are looking to get into the playoffs and be able to make noise there.

* *

Q: Did the game last week take anything away from your confidence?

A: No, that doesn't take anything away because we know that, us as a team, have almost given our season away by making mistakes and the way we played the last six weeks. It is really unacceptable and you can't go to the next level or beat anybody the way that we have been playing.

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