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RB Brandon Jacobs Interview


Q: Compared to the 2007 Super Bowl run, how has this year's preparation been different?Jacobs: So far our preparation has been energetic, guys have been running around, doing the right things and not screwing up any of those things. Coach has been on us, make sure guys don't fall asleep and forgot the task at hand.

Q: How does the New England defense compare to the San Francisco defense?Jacobs: They are pretty good. They have some big hefty guys in there, they are hard to move. They have great linebackers that hold their gap and play the run the right way. I think they are a good defensive unit. I know the numbers say different but I think they are a good defensive unit.

Q: Do you think you and Ahmad Bradshaw are going to have to play a bigger role to win this game than you did last week?Jacobs: No question. I definitely think we are going to have to play a bigger role. As long as we stick with the run, be patient, hang with it, something is going to pop at one point or another.

Q: Are you more confident with Ahmad Bradshaw and Hakeem Nicks this time around since neither played in the November game?Jacobs: Yea, you are always going to have more confidence when you have all your guns. We were missing two talented guys who were big parts of our offense. They know that and they are preparing for that. It definitely gives myself and our football team more confidence going into this one.

Q: What do you remember about the 4th and 1 play during the final drive of the Super Bowl in 2007?Jacobs: It was 4th and 1 and if we don't get it, game over. We got a fresh set of downs and we were able to drive the ball and win the game.

Q: Do you remember what play you ran?Jacobs: I went over Snee, Richie pulled and I got quick the one yard.

Q: What makes Wilfork so tough?Jacobs: He is definitely hard to move. He is strong and he is quick for his size. You can't get one way where he is going to this or he is going to that. He is not one dimensional. He makes it really hard for people to figure out how they are going to block him.

Q: Has the blueprint to beat New England changed in your mind?Jacobs: We haven't changed anything. We are still doing the same things. We just ran the ball a little bit better then and I hope we can get the run going again. Nothing has really changed and we still do the same things.

Q: What impresses you about JPP?Jacobs: That he has a motor that he has. He keeps going with great technique, he just keeps pushing. He doesn't stop until the whistle blows and that is unbelievable for a guy that plays as many snaps as he plays.

Q: Do you still think that New England views the 2007 Super Bowl as a fluky win for you guys?Jacobs: I have no idea, I am not in their locker room and I haven't spoken to them to tell you if they're thinking that. If that is what they are thinking, if it's a fluke, we still have the ring. So fluke or not, we won the game.

Q: In the regular season game against the Patriots you did not have Ahmad Bradshaw. How much different is your running game is with him?Jacobs: With Ahmad being in this game, it gives us a lot of confidence that we can do a little more in the running game than we did the first time around. I think we ran the ball okay the first time but I think we are always stronger with more weapons.

Q: Is it as simple as when you and Ahmad are healthy, the run game improves?Jacobs: Well, our running game has gotten better because our guys have been together throughout the course of the season. This is the end of the season, so guys know how each other works. We can pick up slack in certain areas.

Q: Did you see Victor Cruz having the season that he did?Jacobs: The season he had has been phenomenal. I saw it with Victor last year in the preseason right before he got hurt. I definitely saw this in Vic, no question about it. He is a talented guy and I continue to wish him luck and much success throughout his career.

Q: Is capitalizing in the Red Zone more important when you play against a team like the Patriots?Jacobs: Yea, when you are playing a guy like Tom Brady with explosive receivers and tight ends, you have to score. When we get down there we definitely have to get points and not field goals. When you get down there in the green zone you have to score touchdowns.

Q: Is there a particular style of offense that works well against their defense down there?Jacobs: Not a certain style, you just can't turn it over and make little mistakes.

Q: What do you tell the young guys who have never played in a game of this magnitude?Jacobs: Keep calm, don't blow a gasket. A lot of guys get excited too early and their game gets messed up for the first 20 minutes when you are out there.  Just stay calm, take advantage of the opportunity. When you get your chance to get in there, make a great play.

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