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RB Brandon Jacobs Transcript


Q: How've you been?A: I've been great. Can't complain.

Q: Did you approach the team about re-doing your contract or did they approach you?A: Well I kind of knew that we were going to be in a situation where we were going to have to do that in order to get some players in here to help win some games and when everything was all over with and done my agent and I sat down and talked X, Y, Z – what's the better situation – this, that and the other. Like I said, the Giants made it very fair for me in the situation that I was in and letting me know that they like me around here and they want me to be here.

Q: Did it help to know that some of that money may be going toward your buddy?A: Oh no question. No question about it. I know he played really well last year and the year before that. Given the lockout and everything that happened, no one knew what was going to happen with anybody especially the free agents not knowing if you were going to be free after 6 years or 4 or whatever the case was.  He was going to want to be compensated for his work. Given the fact that I said that I would be willing to do it, I want to win.  It's not about money and everything else. I want to be able to get out and win games because at the end of the day you could be rich as you want to be and not win any games.  That doesn't help you out.  You'll just be an unsuccessful former player with a lot of money.

Q: So what does he owe you now?A: He doesn't owe me anything.  He just needs to get in that big arena over there and do what he's got to do and be productive.  That's all you ask of him.  He doesn't really owe me anything.

*Q: The natural feeling is to want to be the man but it looks like you and Ahmad are going to split the loads. Are you fine with that? *A: I can take the whole load, no question about it.  I've done it before but the way this league runs you've got to have two backs. You've got to be able to have two healthy backs in order to win. I think we've got more than two actually.  It doesn't matter who is out there first.  That doesn't bother me. I just want to win.

Q: Coach Coughlin said that you need more carries this year.  Ahmad said yesterday that he'd like to share more carries this year.  Do you have a goal in mind for this year?A: Realistically, I want to have a lot of carries, no question about it. I want to have a lot of touchdowns and a lot of yards.  That's the only way that I can answer that question because that's the only thing that matters.

Q: So what's a lot? Is 200 carries a lot? Is 1,000 yards a lot?A: 1,000 yards is a lot, definitely. That's something that I will be aiming for.  I'm not going to actually tell you my goal but it is around that area and 200 carries is a lot as well.  I don't know if that can happen with two backs for either of us but whatever happens, happens.  I want to come out, I want to win games, I want to be successful as a team.

Q: What are your thoughts about the reshuffling of the offensive line?A: First off, I played with Richie and Shaun for six years and they've been some of the best guys in the locker room to me.  I've enjoyed every minute.  I've enjoyed going to battle with those guys. We're going to definitely miss them.  Not only the type of play that they gave us on the field but them as people in the locker room and their personalities.  Those guys are going to be well missed.

Q: How is your health really this year in comparison to other years?A: I feel like my one-year-old Quinn. I'm healthy. I feel really good.  I didn't beat on myself that much.  I worked out and I worked hard.  I didn't really beat on myself that much like some other guys might have done. I feel really good. I feel faster.  I'm just ready to get out and play some football.

Q: There is word this morning that Kevin Boss has signed with the Raiders.  What does that mean for this team?A: Well, we'll miss a good tight end. No question about that. We've got guys here that have talent and we'll bring it out of them the best we can. Given the situation, a bunch of new guys will have to pick up the offense and learn blocking schemes and route patterns and so on and so forth but that's what these coaches get paid all this money for too.  So they've got to come out and work as well.

Q: Was it upsetting when Plaxico didn't sign here?A: It was very upsetting but I understand where he was coming from.  He wanted to come back here. After two years of telling me this and that his mind kind changed a little bit but no matter what happened to him in the last two years the man still wanted to be compensated in a good way so he went where the most money was.

Q: So he told you he wanted to come back to the Giants?A: He said he didn't have a problem with coming back but he wanted to be compensated for the type of play that he's going to give.

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