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RB Brandon Jacocbs

Q. Are you guys in make or break territory now?

A. Ah, we are in a good situation, I think. We've got three games left. We have an opportunity to win out and make the playoffs. It starts with Washington. I am not going to say we are in make or break territory. Whatever it is, is what we made it. Whatever it's going to be is what we make it. So we've got to go play good football.

Q. Is there something about the Redskins on the road that this team rises up to play?

A. I think everybody in this locker room knows what is at stake. I think everybody in this locker room knows what we've got to do to get to where we want to go. We have been in this position once before. We handled it pretty well. Washington is a good team. They had been struggling, but lately they have been playing well. The last couple of games they have played a lot of close games. Games, I thought, in my opinion, that they should have won. We know they are a great football team. They've got great talent there in Washington and we've got to bring our 'A' game.

Q. Is the offense starting to hit a stride you think?

A. I think our offense has always played well. Not always played our best, but I think we have always played well. We have to hit on all cylinders. I think we are playing good, but we have to go in there and play great on offense, defense and special teams. That is the only way we will be able to get it done.

Q. Sometimes when you go up against a team that has nothing to lose like the Redskins, they can play loose and free, maybe take more chances, be more aggressive?

A. It is definitely tough playing against teams like this. Like you said, they throw the kitchen sink at you. Whatever comes out of it, comes out of it, oh well. That is how they look at it. You have to be on your P's and Q's against a team like this. Don't ever get caught sleeping because a team like this can beat you. I think they've got great talent on their football team and I think if you go in there overlooking them, they will beat you.

Q. Their defense ranks number one in the red zone. What makes them so tough there?

A. They've got those big boys up front. They play very well up front. They've got London Fletcher who is orchestrating a really good defense and who is a very, very underrated player, in my opinion. They are tough down there. It kind of limits half of your playbook or what you can do down there. They are pretty good at stopping people.

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