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RB David Wilson - 11/26


Q: Ahmad was telling you how Derrick Ward went down and he had to step up for the end of the season in '07. Is that a good example for you to see what can be done at the end of your rookie year?**
A: Yeah. Like I've been saying all year, you just prepare. Be prepared so when your chance comes, you'll be ready. That's what I've been doing. Completing the quizzes with Henry, going through practice, shadowing Andre and Ahmad at practice and making sure I'm watching them and paying attention when they're in the games and seeing how I would react in the situation they're in and all the things you can do to prepare and be ready so when it's your turn you can step up without missing a step. Andre played a big role in our offense, so with his absence somebody is going to have to definitely step up on the offensive side of the ball and the coaches told me that I'm the next guy, so I've been preparing and hopefully I'll be ready when they call my number.

Q: What do you think you can bring to the offense with your skill set?
A: I'm just going to go out there and play football and play as hard as I can and provide production for my team.

Q: With the minimal carries, is it kind of like you're a pinch hitter and you want to get more at bats here?
A: With yesterday, I was glad to get in when I was, but unfortunately Andre got hurt. But before that it was planned for me to go in on the next play and so I went in and I saw him getting up slow and he was hurt. You stand there the whole game doing kickoff returns and then you stand there and you're cold, so that was the only thing being put out there but I knew I was coming up so I was trying to warm up on the sidelines a bit, bounce around and when I got in there I just got after it and there's no regrets or disappointment in the time that I got yesterday. I was just glad to get out there and have fun and play football.

Q: Your big chance can come on Monday Night Football.
A: Yeah. Monday Night Football. Going through the whole school day waiting to watch their game, so I'm playing in it so hopefully I can provide for my team.

Q: What has been the most important thing you think you have learned that will help you going forward?
A: I think the most important thing I learned is go to the next play. You're used to in college having a lot of big plays and you watch Ahmad and Andre and all across the league it's all about consistency and the pace. So just execute, execute and then move to the next play.

Q: What has been the easiest thing for you to pick up about the pro game and what has been the hardest thing?
A: I wouldn't say there's an easy thing, but just adjusting to the whole thing. This is now a job and in college you've got class and then half the day you play football and half the day you do schoolwork. So now it's 100 percent football, so coming in and going through the meetings and being persistent and staying 100 percent on your task was the biggest adjustment.


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