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RB David Wilson - 12/14


Q: With Ahmad out for Sunday, does that reaffirm what you kind of already prepared for on Sunday? **
A: I always have been preparing because you never know when your opportunity is going to come and when you're going to be the guy. So even the first week of the season I was practicing to be prepared for whatever and it's been that way ever since. This week, Ahmad hardly didn't practice at all and when you see that you know it's a possibility that you're definitely going to be the guy. So I took it with the same approach as I always do.

Q: Will it change tomorrow night knowing that Sunday is going to be a big opportunity for you?
A: Yeah. Maybe a little bit more anticipation and excitement. Every time I come on the field I'm excited to play football. I like playing football, so when I'm out there I just want to execute and do what I need to do to be productive for my team.

Q: Is it ironic when some of the new running backs go up to you and ask you about pass protection? It kind of says how far you've come this season.
A: Yeah. Definitely. The more experience you get with the game, the more mature you become and the better player you can be. So I've been taking those steps and just trying to get better and better. When guys come and ask me, it is kind of ironic that I used to be in that spot. I'm still learning. You can ask Ahmad and Henry and the coaches that I go to them still and check on things and make sure I'm understanding.

Q: Do you think it might be challenging starting at running back and then having kickoff return duties?
A: No. I did it in college and I did it last game, but I had a little bit of help with Ahmad. I think the coaches can decipher if I took a long return and I'm out of breathe or anything then they'll know how to figure it out. But I'm in shape; I've been working out and going through all the processes and doing it in practice. So I think I should be fine.

Q: That's something you don't want to give up?
A: No.

Q: How much different has it been for you getting the majority of first team snaps this week?
A: I think I had a great week of practice. I know my assignments and I know what to expect and just having a great week of practice and showing the coaches and building their confidence so they're not worried and rolling in their sleep hoping that I can pull it together on Sunday.

Q: Is there another gear?
A: A little bit. I think I can hit another gear, so we'll see. They've got some fast DBs, so we'll see.


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