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RB Frank Gore Interview


Q: What have been some keys to your success this season?

A: I have to give it up to my o-line, they are doing a great job. Our coordinator is great and doing a great job of calling the plays. It is not me, it is all 11 on the offense just playing together and selfish-free ball. We are thinking about only just winning and not individual stuff. 

Q: What are your thoughts about David Baas?

A: I liked David. He is a tough guy who moved guys out the way. He has a crazy looking face and I was kind of hurt that we lost him. Last year, we had a great year with him. We came in together in '05 and we were pretty cool 

Q: How many offensive coordinators have you played under?

A: Eight.

* *

Q: What is different about this coordinator?

A: I would say that we are all together. I think we work good together and they have us believing that we can do whatever we want on the football field. That is real big. Coach Harbaugh is a great coach and we do a great job together.

* *

Q: Do you feel like you are a different runner than before?

A: I just think we are all playing as one. I always felt like I could run the ball. We are just playing selfish-free ball and if the running game is not there, we are going to try our best to put it in the air. It is not just me, it is everybody, we are all one. When you get a team that is all as one, on the same page, we feel like we can do anything.

* *

Q: What do you think about the Giants run defense?

A: They have a great defense and a great bunch of guys over there. Their d-line is the key to their defense. There are a couple guys I went to school with and they are great players in the secondary that I respect. Their linebackers have been hurt but 94 and 59 are good players. I think they play good together in their scheme. It is going to be a challenge for us but I think it will be a great game for us and also the Giants this Sunday. 

* *

Q: Did you play against Antrel Rolle when you were younger?

A: Yes, he was a running back and I was a running back. They beat us 20-26. I had about 200 yards and he had a good game. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Q: Do you think he can still run the ball?

A: Yes, you see him on interceptions running the ball back when he was in Arizona. He knows how to get to the end zone.

* *

Q: Do you think people are waiting for the 49ers to fall?

A: I think so but we don't pay any attention to that. We are trying to get better every day over here, trying to be a family, and working hard. We are not worried about anybody outside of our camp.

* *

Q: Do you think people pay more attention to you more because of the hand shake?

A: They still don't give us the props but we don't worry about that. We are coming to practice trying to get better and trying to get better every Sunday. As long as we see ourselves getting better going forward, we are fine with that.

* *

Q: Did it take you a few games to get your legs under you?

A: I think the first couple games of the season as a group, we were still trying to figure out our coordinator, our offensive linemen, and it was just a learning experience. Once we started gelling and getting together, everybody was getting on the same page. I really think it is just taking time and we still have room to grow. That is a scary thing.

* *

Q: How long did it take for you to get over your injury?

A: I had a great camp. I showed my coaches that I was ready to go in camp. The first day of practice, I was nervous because it was my first time getting contact since we had played Arizona. Once I started running and I checked with the doctor every day. The doctor said I was fine so I blocked it out my head and challenged myself to get back to me. 

Q: Do you see great pass rushers or people who can stop the run on the Giants defense? A: I feel that whatever they put their minds to, they can do it. They have some great talent down there. Their d-line has talent; I respect them and their team. It is going to be a great game on Sunday. They are playing great ball and we are playing great ball. We should put on a show for everybody.

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