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RB Jerald Ingram on Running Game


Q: Do you have to talk to Ahmad about sticking to the original intent of the play?A: Yeah. I think that's something that we've always worked on with him because he's always been very impatient, hard, tough-nosed, he likes to hammer. He likes to get up there as fast and as hard as you can. He doesn't like those two- and three-yard runs. He's always trying to find more or always trying to get in space. That's something he's working on. Sometimes that's just certain plays. It's not all of the plays. It's certain plays he runs real well. He's very patient. There are some plays he just has to be more patient and not get frustrated that it's not coming. I think he was a little better last week. He's still working on it. I think he gets the message now, that he has to work with it and when it happens, it happens. When you're playing against teams that are playing eight- and nine-man fronts, it's tough sledding. That means they're trying to defend something that you do well, that other things open up, such as the pass game, the play action pass and other avenues. If they're playing safeties that far up on the line of scrimmage, closer than the linebackers, that means something else is open. You just have to hang in there until we get those people out of there. Every attitude run you have means something to the team. Just move the chains.

Q: Progress from Da'Rel Scott?A: He hasn't been put in that situation. That's what hurts a young guy who hasn't had a lot of that in the offseason because of this kind of year. You're now trying to adapt and see what he can do well. He's still your third and fourth kind of guy. Like I said, Ahmad Bradshaw has been there when we had Derrick Ward and Brandon. You couldn't get him out on the field, but Ahmad had already been in the Super Bowl. When you're a third or fourth, who knows who you are? You're only going to get one or two shots, just like Ahmad. It's a growing stage you go through. You're going to play and die with the guys who know how to do what they do every down. You're not going to go out there and experiment and create a bad situation and take your best, experienced players off the field. And put a young guy who you don't know what you'll get. So we really don't know, but we're trying to learn more about him. We're trying to put him in situations to see what he can do as a receiver, how can we utilize his speed? Yeah, you'd like to throw him out there and just say, 'Run to the sideline.' Well we can't get half the people to run to the sideline. Defense gets paid too. They're not letting you. They're just not letting you. The fastest guy in the NFL, they bottle him up most weeks. It's just the way defenses are playing people right now.

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