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RB Kregg Lumpkin - 11/29

Q:  Are they going to throw you in the special teams mix?
A:  Yeah, I was on practice kickoff return and punt team today. We'll go over the other special teams tomorrow and I'll try to get on those too.Q:  Are those familiar to you?
A:  Yeah, I've done special teams since I've been in the league, so I'm used to it. That's where you have to make your money.Q: You in touch with D.J. Ware at all?
A:  Yeah, I talked to him many times since he got picked up by Tampa. I talked to him, but I haven't talked to him about New York's offense. I'll pick his brain, though; he can give me some pointers.Q:  Do you expect to play on Sunday?
A:  I don't know. If I can learn this as fast as I can, then I hope so, wherever that may be.Q:  What have you been doing since you were with the Seahawks?
A:  Working out, applying for jobs. Just trying to stay motivated and in top condition as much as I can.Q:  Have you joined the classroom sessions on pass protection with Hynoski and Wilson?
A:  Oh yeah. We did that yesterday; we did that Monday, Tuesday, and yesterday.Q:  How's that coming along?
A:  It's coming along well. He's a great teacher, coach, coach's assistant. David Wilson and Ahmad Bradshaw have been teaching on the sideline for us. Just trying to learn as fast as possible and as much as possible.Q:  Were you applying for non-football jobs?
A:  Corporate jobs, yes.Q:  How'd that go?
A:  I had a couple offers and then I got a call, so I wanted to explore my NFL career and then when that time comes, then a corporate job. That's where I'll go.Q:  What field?
A:  A mortgage company in Atlanta. There's a couple other ones.Q:  Not as exciting?
A:  They're all exciting. Every opportunity is an exciting opportunity. I'm just happy to even have offers.


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