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The Giants' first round draft pick Prince Amukamara called in to Mike Florio’s “PFT Live” on Tuesday afternoon, discussing everything from offseason preparations to Chad Ochocinco's tweet calling him "Servant."

Amukamara, an All-American out of Nebraska, has been training at his alma mater in addition to attending player-run "minicamps" with his future NFL teammates during the lockout, where he has been under the tutelage of fellow defensive backs Terrell Thomas and Aaron Ross.

"Well, I have been here in Lincoln, Nebraska just working out with the team and just trying to stay in the top, in the most physical shape as possible," Amukamara told Florio of ProFootballTalk. "Terrell Thomas was nice enough to give me some of his notes, and I've just been looking over those."

About the team workouts, he added: "I thought that was a great opportunity. I was very fortunate to have a leader like Eli Manning on our team. I heard he set those up, and they went well and it was very productive. I learned a lot of plays. It was good just to be around some the players and feel them out and just for them to get a good vibe from me, and me a good vibe of them."

Florio asked him about preparing for NFL receivers, especially within the Giants' conference and division.

"I have been looking at film here and there, but I'm not trying to cloud my brain too much," Amukamara said. "But I'm definitely excited for the opportunity. Our conference does have a lot of great receivers, especially just with Dez Bryant and DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. So I'm definitely excited for the opportunity."

Speaking of receivers, the conversation turned towards Chad Ochocinco's (seemingly) playful tweet about Prince, saying (among other things), "Fly to Miami and train with me for 3 days please I beg of you. You'll be Servant Amukamara when I'm done!!"

To which, Amukamara responded, 'alrighty Mr. Pepe/Chad/Ocho! we will continue this convo manana. Early workout tmrw here in Nebraska!"

Florio asked if they ever got together.

"No, sir, it didn't. It didn't actually go through and that wasn't on my part," Amukamara joked. "I reached out to him – I'm not calling him out – but I just didn't get a response back."

Surprising to some, Amukamara fell to the Giants with the 19th pick. While it will serve as motivation, Amukamara said it doesn't change his mindset too much.

"I think that does fuel me a little bit, but my goals for this season – whether I got picked in the first round or the seventh round – were still going to be the same," Amukamara said. "And that was just to be the best I can on and off the field. I have high expectations for myself – I always do – and I'm just excited just to see what I do this year."

Less than two months away from the season opener, Florio asked if Amukamara imagines himself dressed and on the field against the Washington Redskins on September 11.

"That's the plan, sir."

Starting lineup?

"If everything works out. If I do what I'm supposed to do in the film room and on the field, then I'll be setting myself up just for a great chance to get on the field."

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