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Redskins QB Grossman on the Giants


Q: What does Roy Helu bring to the offense?

A: He is a good running back and he is making plays in our zone running scheme. He has quick, decisive cuts and he has a lot of speed and agility and he is real decisive in his reads and cuts. He gets down field in a real hurry.

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Q: What does the absence of Fred Davis mean for your offense?

A:*It just means that we have to replace his production with other people. Whether it is a tight end or the wide receivers doing similar matchup type routes that otherwise we would use Fred. *

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Q: Can you talk about the up and down season for you and the team?

A: We just need to continue to establish our identity and what this offense, defense and special teams are trying to become. We have played well but playing well in the NFL is only going to allow you to be competitive. We need to finish games and if at all possible to dominate some games to get to where we need to be.

* *

Q: How difficult has it been to go from starter to backup and now back to starter?

A: It is not that hard. I felt like I played well the first four games and I felt like I didn't play well the last game and got taken out of that game and John Beck came in and played pretty decent. They stuck with him and when I got a chance to play again, I had the same mindset. I had a breather there for a month and then I got right back in there. Every time you go out there on the field, you want to put your best foot forward so that you put so much time and effort into each week that nothing really changes in terms of the turmoil that you have gone through personally as far as being bench and then being a starter.

* *

Q: What have you seen from the Giants defense and Jason Pierre-Paul?

A: When you think of the New York Giants you think of pass rush first. They have had some injuries but their front four is deep. They have great talent across the board on the defensive line and they want to try to get pressure on you with the talent that they have at the defensive line. Your emphasis is not holding on to the ball very long and making quick, decisive decisions. You have to do some things different versus teams that aren't that deep on the defensive line. When they have been successful on defense, it is all based on the pass rush. It is pretty simple from what I am concerned.

* *

Q: What do you see from Jason Pierre-Paul?

A: He is really their best pass rusher and best defensive player, in my opinion. He has everything. He has power, speed, strength and the other two guys that are big time guys have been hurt. They haven't had a full season to show what they normally can do and they are Pro Bowlers in their own right. Jason Pierre-Paul is definitely a star in this league.

Q: Do you have any thoughts on Antrel Rolle's comments?

A: Not really. It is the NFL and nobody is going to beat anyone 99 out of 100 times. I am confident about where we are. We haven't finished games lately and we need to finish and everything should take care of itsself. I understand that there is a lot of pride in the NFL and a lot of people go about their business with a lot of pride and ego and we do the same thing.

* *

Q: Can you talk about the development about your offense?

A: We have done a pretty good job the last month on offense. We had a skid in the middle of the year offensively but the last month we have stepped it up and played pretty damn well. The reason for that is our running game, which opens up things off the passing game and just getting into a rhythm. This offense has some momentum, it is pretty tough to stop but it is all based on the running game. It opens up the play action passes and other different things in our offense that get big chunks of yardage. Our offensive line has played well even though we got our left guard, left tackle, both tight ends and our starting running back gone from when we played the Giants earlier. We have had guys step up in those roles and play pretty well. Jabar Gaffney has played pretty well and Santana is back healthy and playing pretty well. We have some speed guys other than those two guys and we have found a way to be productive, now we just need to make sure that every game is not nip and tuck and if it is, we need to finish.

* *

Q: Now that the playoffs are out, what is the mindset of the team?

A: I don't care about playing the role of spoilers; I play this game to win. You put so much energy and effort into each week that winning the game and feeling good after the game each Sunday and being proud of what you accomplished, that is plenty of motivation. You are playing for pride and going out there and trying to win and that's really all the motivation you need as far as I am concerned. If we are spoilers in the process, it doesn't give you any gratification. It is good to go win.  

* *

Q: What do you see out of the Giants breakdowns in the secondary?

A: I see a team that has gone up against Green Bay, Dallas, New Orleans and some of the best offenses in the league. Those are high potent passing offenses that do that to anybody. They will probably tell you that they aren't playing as well as they should but the level of competition and the teams that they played have all had continuity for years and have been building something on offense for a long time. They didn't play as well as they normally do but those offenses present problems to everybody for the reasons I just mentioned. We have to go out and execute our offense and be the best that we can be and focus on our execution. I really don't worry about how well or how good the defense is. I just worry about how I can execute our plays the best that I can.

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