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RG Chris Snee


Q: On the offensive line maintaining consistency?**A: Yeah. It's nice when you're able to go out there every day and practice and not rotate guys in. It's very important for us to stay healthy and get time to work together. We never really had that for the full season last year. Guys would miss practice and miss games, and you can't have that, especially when you have a new group of guys. That might've worked a couple of years ago, when you had those five guys that were together for a long time. The key here for camp is to be out there for the full practices, and get used to playing with one another.

Q:  Is there a chip on your shoulder to get the running game a little better; a running game that was last (place) last year?A: Yeah, I mean certainly. Every time you come into camp, there's things you want to work on. That's the offensive focal point. We want to get back to being a more balanced offense. If we're able to do that we'll only create greater possibilities for the passing game.

Q:  Is there any difference in the running game without Brandon (Jacobs) around?A: It's changed every year. We'll miss Brandon, and we wish him the best of luck.

Q:  What's the goal for the season?  Being a team that doesn't have to win those four games at the end?  Being a little more consistent in that way?A: Yeah, I mean you can't count on nine wins getting you into the playoffs every year. We definitely need to be more consistent; and the ups and downs, you really can't explain. Just hope that we continue what we started with that Jets game and play that well.

Q:  I don't know if you've had too much of an opportunity to block for him yet, but what have you observed of David Wilson so far?A: He looks fast. You can't really tell with the young guys until they get to the games. Obviously physically he has all the tools, and performed very well in college, but we have to wait until everything is real.

Q:  The element of speed, and being a game-breaker, does that excite offensive linemen?A: Sure. We have some very good backs here. Like I said, he looks very fast, I can tell you that. We'll wait and see, and hopefully he can transfer that to the field.


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