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WR Richie James on his comeback, early success with Giants


Wide receiver Richie James has only played in three games with the Giants, but his impact is already sizeable. Currently leading the team in receptions, James has also made a name for himself as a reliable punt returner. James recently joined the Giants Huddle podcast to discuss his transition to the east coast after battling back from a season-ending knee injury last year in San Francisco.

James' origins in the league lend a special meaning to his comeback story. Drafted out of Middle Tennessee State in the seventh round, James was candid about earning his place both on an NFL roster and on the field. "I believe in speaking things into existence," James said. The same mindset that contributed to his inaugural campaign enabled him to come back even stronger and fill an important role at the Giants.

When asked about how he's built chemistry with quarterback Daniel Jones, Richie James commended the quarterback's ability to align mentally with his receivers. As for why he's emerged as one of Jones' most reliable targets, James added, 'When you got two guys on the same page in this offense, it can get some things going."

James spoke about his punt return responsibilities and the judgement it entails. From calling fair catches to running and catching the football, James joked that "you've got to be a crazy sucker to do this job. You got to have a little psycho in you to go out there in a punt return or kick return." Special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey's philosophy continues to develop Richie into a valiant force in the kicking game.

As he prepares for Sunday's matchup against the Chicago Bears, James admitted that going against cornerbacks each week is "a game within a game;" he attempts to take advantage of what a player hasn't yet seen.

James hopes to move forward with everything he's learned throughout his five years in the NFL. "I had to dig deep and figure out who I was going to be as an individual and if I could play again (after injury), who I was going to be as a player."

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