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Rollin' With The Rookies


S David Sims took the train into New York and walked around downtown along with some teammates, including T Jarriel King.

"We just walked around the city, tried to find a sushi place," Sims said. "But we couldn't really find it and we just went to Dave & Buster's just to hang out a little and play a couple games."

Sims, a Florida native, always wanted to join a New York team because he also has family in Newark. He admitted it will take some time to get used to, but his girlfriend is chomping at the bit.  

"It's busy, I know that much," said Sims, who played at Iowa State. "But I haven't really explored the life or anything like that. There's a lot of shopping and stuff. I know my girlfriend would like to come and shop. She tells me about that all the time. I know she'd have a blast out here shopping."

Meanwhile, LB Spencer Paysinger took the rehab route.

"Pretty much you get about an extra hour and a half to sleep in and come in for treatment for any nicks or bruises that you have," Paysinger said. "The coaches actually give us time to come in and watch film with them for an hour and make the corrections that they can make. After that, there was another optional treatment later in the day. But other than that, I was just in the hotel sleeping, looking at the playbook, just resting and talking to family – catching up on all that stuff."

FB Henry Hynoski did the same before joining roommate LB Mark Herzlichfor a matinee movie in their room.

"Yesterday I got up, came here for treatment and just healed my body with the hot and cold tub. I got in the sauna and steam room," Hynoski said. "After that, I came back and took a nap for a couple hours, ordered a movie. We watched "Thor" and then went to sleep. That's pretty much the rundown."

WR Jerrel Jerniganran some errands.

"I just stayed in the room and got a little rest. I handled some little business," he said. "I went and got my car serviced. With camp going on, I just enjoyed our day off."

LB Greg Jonesspent time with his significant other who came in from Michigan.

"We just went and got some food, that was it," the Michigan State product said. "It was just time to relax, take a little break from football so I can come back, refreshed, and ready to go. I definitely loved to sleep in, and even when I did wake up, I could just lay there knowing I have time to get up and do some things. Now it's time to get back, get back to work, definitely."

Meanwhile, nobody told S Tyler Sash there was a day off.

"There's really no off-days if you're a rookie. I'm just trying to learn every day," said Sash, who ran into Deon Grant heading into the lunch room and received some tips from the veteran. "As you just saw – Deon Grant – learning from him, it's nice to have him. You can see he's been pointing things out to me since he got here. Yesterday I got some film in, just got some rehab stuff done to make sure my body is feeling right so I can come out and perform the next day."

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