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Rookie Blog: Jay Bromley's first Training Camp

You report to training camp not really knowing what to expect, not knowing how practice was going to be, or how many people were going to be here, who was going to be here, who wasn't. A lot of different things go through your head, and a lot of times you get sidetracked thinking about more than football.


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But it's just football. You start taking little things and you make them bigger things because you think you're in the NFL now and everybody is so good. But you're that good. That's why you're here. So you just have to think about it like that.

From my last college game until now, the work never stopped. They always tell you your rookie year is going to be your longest year because you absolutely never stop working because it goes from you're finishing college to the NFL Scouting Combine to all these different things you have to do. And then you go into a long season, the longest season you've ever played in your life, and it's like, man, all those things come into play.

So right now I'm just finding my routine. My roommate at training camp is defensive end Kerry Wynn. Kerry is a great guy. He works extremely hard. He's cool with me. He's my guy, so I'm looking forward to just keep playing with him. We had our first players' day off last weekend, and I just relaxed. I put myself on a little diet now, kind of just trying to get my body fat down and get my body right. So the night before I went on my diet, I went and got some wings. I had to do that a last time.

Coming to the Giants, one thing I was excited about was the Syracuse presence.  It's great because you just have that brotherhood that you have from being part of that fraternity. That's really what it is when it comes to me, Ryan Nassib, Justin Pugh, Jameel McClain, those guys. I never even played with McClain, but he treats me like his younger brother. Those are just things that we have in common. I can't wait to play with them on Sundays.
Our first preseason game is coming up, and I'm just trying to keep an even keel. I just want to come out here and practice and continue to work on my fundamentals, the little things, so that when that Sunday comes, it isn't just a day of film to look back and just put my head down. I want to go out there and make some plays. I'm a rookie, so I have plenty of opportunities to do that in the preseason. I just want to make the most of the opportunity.

That's what camp is really all about. I just want to have fun, play football for what it is -- a game -- and enjoy it to the best of our ability. It's a blessing to be out here. It's New York City. It's my city. Let's do it.

For more posts from Jay, stay tuned throughout the year. You can also follow him on Twitter @JayBrom96.

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