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S Antrel Rolle


Q: How can you defend Larry Fitzgerald?
A: Normally when people are successful against him, they double coverage him. I have never seen a defensive back shut him down and I'm not saying it can't be done, I am saying that I haven't seen it done. We are going in with a game plan and Larry Fitzgerald is not going to be our only focus. Everyone here is aware of his talents and capabilities but we are focused on the Arizona Cardinals as a group.  Q: Are you concerned about your emotions this week?
A: No, I am not concerned. This is the first time for me because I have never had to face a team that I was once with but I am going in there and playing the game at the end of the day. I am going to go and be the same player that I am week in and week out.Q: What do you see in Kolb?
A: He is a good quarterback. He is very agile and very mobile. He can make every throw and those are the quarterbacks that you have to keep an eye on. He has a great corps of receivers with young talent and a lot of talent around him. He is making it work for him.    Q: Does it look like he has chemistry with his receivers?
A: Yes, he definitely has it going. He throws to many receivers. He has many different weapons and he utilizes all of them.   Q: How confident is the secondary?
A: We have always had confidence. Our focus is to get better every single week and that is what our main mindset is.   

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