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S Antrel Rolle


Q: How good is it to have the sacks on defense?

A: When you have the defensive line coming the way that they are and making the plays that they have, it makes our job a lot easier and vice versa. When we protect and cover, it makes their jobs a whole lot easier to get the quarterback. It is definitely a team effort. 


Q: What do you see from Seattle?

A: I see a good team and they are going to continue to get better. They have a lot of new faces and they changed the team around tremendously so we are in for a battle coming in on Sunday.

Q: Do you have to guard against a letdown this week?

A: No. We play every game as if it is our first or our last. We are going to go and win.  

* *

Q: How dangerous are Jackson and Rice?

A: Everyone knows what Sidney is capable of. He is a big time receiver and a deep threat that can make a lot of plays. At the same time, we are going to go play ball no matter who is in the lineup.  We are going to go out there and take care of business.

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