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S Antrel Rolle


Q: The Bills run a lot of the spread offense with three and four wide. How difficult is that to defend throughout the course of a game?

A: They're going to play ball. They're going to try to be effective in what they do and we have to be effective in shutting them down and making sure to give them a different game plan to look at. At the end of the day, you have to play ball.

Q: How do you tell your run keys off of offense that is just showing obvious pass all the time, but you know they're not going to always pass?

A: You go off of your tendencies. That's where our film study comes in and we understand route recognition and formation sets and things of that nature. Every team is going to tweak and turn things. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and just play what you get.

Q: Why is it that Fitzpatrick doesn't throw very many interceptions?

A: I think their routes are based off of a timing system. They get it out quick, that's why he hasn't been sacked a number of times. With the picks, I guess their receivers are very efficient at what they do and they've been good at what they've been doing. We're going to go in and play ball come Sunday and make sure the outcome is different [than last week].

Re: Fred Jackson.

A: He's a very elusive runner. He's a powerful runner. He doesn't go down with first contact. He's a guy who you can tell studies the game. He picks his holes very well. At the end of the day we just have to play assignment football and play fast.

Q: How important is it to bounce back?

A: It's very important to come in and try to win each and every game you possibly can. We have a bye next week. It would be good for us to go into the bye 4-2. I'm looking forward to the latter part of the season, but we have Buffalo ahead of us. This is a great team, everyone is aware of that, but we're also a great team. We just have to go out there and play fast, start fast and finish even faster.


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