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S Antrel Rolle


Q: You made comments about guys practicing, what have you seen this week from your teammates?A: A lot of guys have been practicing, pretty much everyone for the most part. Practice has been great, the intensity has been great, the focus level has been great and hopefully we can display that on Saturday.

Q: Has it stepped up from what it was last week?A:*I definitely think so and I think guys understand the position that we are in. They understand where we are trying to get to and everyone is putting everything behind them. This is our number one priority. *

Q: Has either team played well enough to be called New York's team?
A: We don't care anything about that. That makes no difference; we need to play well enough to make it to the playoffs and that is that.

* *

Q: Do you appreciate the rivalry from the fan's prospective?

A: Absolutely, the fans are out there showing their support for both sides, which they should, and we are out there and have something to claim also.

* *

Q: Is it tough to put aside the difficulties that this team has had the past few weeks?

A: We are going to have to and playing this game at this level, you have to have amnesia. You can't let the week before affect the week ahead of you. Once you do that, you will find yourself in a constant slide and I think we understand that as a team. We understand that we have to get up and get going.

* *

Q: Why are the Jets so good in the red zone?

A: Plaxico has been very good for them in the red zone. He is a big target and I think that is where he actually sets his marker. They are very effective in what they try to do to you and what they try to present.

* *

Q: What problems can Keller present?

A: Keller is a great receiving tight end and Sanchez looks to him a lot. They have a great connection to each other.

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