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S Kenny Phillips Transcript


Q: Perry Fewell said he was trying to protect you from some of the collisions last year.A: He was trying to, I don't want to say baby me, but just playing it safe. At the time, I didn't mind playing that role, especially if we were winning, Antrel Rolle was doing well, Deon Grant was doing well, so I just stuck to my role.

Q: Now would you prefer more?A: Yeah. It's got to happen. It's time to get more involved in the defense, just do whatever it takes to help this team win.

Q: How did the knee respond last year?A: I think it felt pretty good. I wasn't as close to as where I thought I would be. A lot of guys were telling me it was going to take a year, but I was doing my best to try to prove them wrong. It turns out, they were right. Fortunately, I was able to finish the season. I had a few nicks here and there, but I'm just happy I got through it.

Q: What do you expect out of yourself this season?A: To have a bigger role. Be a part of the defense. Last year a lot of the times I was in the post most of the whole game and now I'll probably take on a bigger role as far as getting down in the box and really being a part of the scheme.

Q: Does it feel stronger?A: It does. Last year I spent the whole offseason rehabbing. This year, I was actually able to train, get myself ready to play football. It feels a whole lot better.

Q: What did the doctors and the MRI tell you with regards to how the cartilage is doing?A: It's fine. It's been a while since I even had to see the doctor. Everything is great.

Q: Do you feel normal? Do you feel yourself?A: I feel normal. I feel pretty good.

Q: Pre-injury or not quite that?A: I feel good. The knee is not an issue.

Q: You've only had two practices. Do you feel explosive? Did you find another gear you didn't have last year?A: I feel good. Coming out of my breaks, seeing the field a whole lot better and just being around the ball a lot more.

Q: Is that a distraction when one of your teammates (Osi) doesn't want to play with you anymore?A: Not at all. Osi is a good guy. He loves us. He loves his teammates. That's the business part of it. That's really none of our business, but whenever he comes out here, we're happy to have him.

Q: How much would it diminish the defense without him?A: It would be tough without him because he's such a big time player. We have young guys like Jason Pierre-Paul that are ready to step up.

Q: There have been big flashy moves around the league, but do you think, 'We haven't brought in anyone and we've lost guys?' Do you players think about that?A: We try not to. Of course we see it because we have TVs, but we trust the organization, we trust our GM. We're pretty sure they're going to get someone in here.

Q: Are you a little bigger than last year?A: I don't know. Maybe two or three pounds. Had a long offseason, as you know. I'm not worried about it.

Q: How much do you weigh now?A: Like 215, that's what I weighed in at a few minutes ago. Nobody panic.

Q: What do you want to be at?A: Anywhere from 210 to 215, I'm not worried.

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