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Safety Antrel Rolle

Q: You played through a plantar fascia injury last year, correct?
A: Yes.


Q: Aaron Ross is going through the same thing right now:
A: Actually, his is a little bit different than mine. He has plantar fasciitis, which is a partial tear. I tore my plantar fascia completely. To tear it completely is actually better than to tear it partially. Once you tear it completely, it kind of takes care of itself and it doesn't matter. Just depends on how much pain you can play on.

Q: You didn't have surgery, right?
A: No, there's no surgery required for that. I don't know exactly what that is. It's a band.

Q: So if you tear it completely, it's better?
A: Yes. I tore mine completely, but trust me it was still painful. Even to this day, even when I wake up, the bottom is still very stiff and very sore. It's going to be something that he's going to have to deal with for a long time.

Q: It's not going to ever completely heal?
A: Once I warm up, it's fine. It's going to take him a while though. Mine took me a good minute. When I wake in the morning, it's still sore and it still gets tight. Once you've walked on it and it's loosened up, it's fine.

Q: Did you have trouble playing with it last year?
A: Yeah. I wouldn't say a lot of trouble, it's a matter of how much pain you can take while playing. For the first three games, I felt like it was pretty tough. After that, I kind of went downhill and got used to it.

Q: Can they do anything for it? A: No. Just pretty much treatment, that's all you can do for it. It's not anything you can surgically repair or speed up the process with. They just do treatment, ice and stim, and things of that nature.* *




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