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Safety Antrel Rolle Interview


Q: What do you remember about playing Atlanta in the playoffs when you were in Arizona?A: Things were definitely falling into our favor, whether it was a big play or other things happening like Dockett causing the fumble and I was able to run it back for a touchdown. It was a lot of things that played into our favor and it was a big momentum change in the game because we were down at half time.

Q: How well balanced is Atlanta?A: They are extremely balanced. You have Matty-Ice at quarterback and he has been doing a phenomenal job since he has come into the league and you have Michael Turner. You have all those core guys like Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, and they are stacked at every position so they present a lot of threats your way. You have to go out there and play ball and stick to the game plan and go out there and be better than them. 

Q: Do you have the same faith in Eli that you had in Kurt Warner?A: I don't compare quarterbacks but I am very confident in what we have here in Eli Manning. He has proven himself week in and week out and he continues to put the numbers up and be that quarterback that he says he is.

Q: Do you have any preference regarding the weather on Sunday?A:  It doesn't matter to me. I am just looking forward to this game, this opportunity and going out there looking for greatness.

Q: Why has the defense been able to play so well the last couple weeks?A: There are a lot of things that factor into that, just getting on the same page at the same time and having everyone hands on deck plays a key part in it. When everyone is in sync and everyone is there, you build a certain kind of chemistry and it is not just on the field. Mentally, you know a guy is going to be and you play better and gel a whole lot better with them. The coaches, we have put a lot of emphasis on communicating better and making sure everyone knows their assignment and doing their job. It makes it a whole lot easier for our defensive coordinator to go out there and make those calls at the end of the day.

Q: Do the Giants have a championship mindset right now?A: We are taking it one game at a time and that is our focus. Right now, our focus is Atlanta and we are not going to get ahead of ourselves. That is going to be our priority.

Q: Is this the best the Giants have been this season?A: I think so. In all three phases of the game we have been playing ball. That is what it is all about at this point.

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