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Safety Deon Grant

Q: How is it to have Kenny Phillips back?

A: It's great. You know he proved himself before he got hurt last year. I told him to take his time on it because an injury like that you don't want to rush out here and set yourself back but just to know he's back out there with us is a great feeling.

Q: You've been around the NFL for 11 years, how did Phillips look today from your perspective?

A: He looked good. If he goes out there and moves too fast, though, he could end up hurt again so for where he's at, he looks better than where he should be right now so that's a good thing.

Q: With Kenny (Phillips) back, regardless of who's starting when the first game rolls around, how great could it be to have you, Phillips and Rolle all in that safety position?

A: It's great. That was the Giants' Achilles last year. They started off 5-0 and then they just started getting injuries left and right. So the more depth you can have back there as a starter is always a good look.

Q: Will competing for that starting position make you and Rolle better?

A: Of course, and that's been my mentality for 11 years. Every time you come back to camp, you compete for a starting position, regardless of where they place you in the beginning of the year. Someone could come out and look better than you, so you're always competing for that starting position.

Q: What's so unique about Kenny Phillips?

A: Everything. I mean he's got great range, he can come down and hit and he's got a mind on him. When you've got that, then you've got a great safety.

Q: Was Phillips angry today when coach kept saying to get out?

A: He's going to whine regardless because he missed the whole year, so he definitely was a little upset. They gave him like two plays a period and he said 'Give me three' and if they had given him five he would've said 'Give me six'. K.P. (Kenny Phillips) is still young now so let's not forget that because that means that he's going to be extra hungry.

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