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Safety Deon Grant

Q: On teams that you have been on, were the practices much more physical?

A: We hit and that brings a lot of injuries. There are a lot of guys hurt, especially when it comes to deep bruises and bone breaks, and all that other stuff. The teams that I have been on, we definitely hit. I'm not taking that away from Coughlin because, in his years, there have been years where there are some and there aren't some. Lately, I think it's working because guys feel good. I talk to a lot of guys, some of my homeboys who play for the Jets and other teams, and they feel worn down right now. We're not worn down.

Q: Who on the Jets told you that?

A: I don't want to put names out there.

Q: There has to be a downside to the lack of hitting:

A: If you're in this league, you're expected to be perfection. Tackling isn't really the whole physical part, that's only like 10 percent of it. It's all about technique, leverage, bringing your feet, and all that other stuff. If you don't know how to do that at this point, you don't need to be in the NFL.

Q: At this point, so much is made out of the defensive collapse last year, are you interested to see what you guys can do in a real game?

A: Definitely. All-in-all, with chemistry, I almost feel like I know what we can do. I know we are going to be very special, as long as we stay healthy and we get the chemistry where we want it and Coach Fewell calls it the way he's supposed to, the sky is the limit.

Q: You're new in town…does the whole Giants/Jets thing surprise you?

A: Let me tell you what's so funny. When I signed, it was the first thing people were talking about. I have friends in Brooklyn, and family in Newark and Patterson. That's one of things they have been talking about since I signed, especially since we're opening up the new stadium. It's real big to a lot of people. My whole object is to go out there and send the offense out, get some points, and come up with a victory.

Q: Does all the trash talking surprise you, esp. between Kris Jenkins and Terrell Thomas?

A: No, it's still football. We're still competing. I'm not surprised about anything that's come out of any guy who has played the game's mouth. The guys feel really good about themselves right now. Kris is coming off the injury and he has lost some weight, so he is really feeling it right now. You can tell him that I said he's really feeling it right now. I'm not surprised, but it's going to be an interesting game.

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