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Safety Kenny Phillips - 11/23


Q:  How much do you feel like you'll be able to do?**
A: I'm playing. I've practiced everyday this week. It felt pretty good; I didn't have any setbacks, so I look forward to playing Sunday.

Q:  How many snaps do you think you can play?
A: However many they let me. I think I could play an entire game if the coaches allow me to. I think I could play an entire game.

Q:  Are you more confident now than when you thought you could play against Pittsburgh?
A: I'm way more confident than I was when we played Pittsburgh just because I was going through those practices back then two weeks ago and I was still kind of sore, (but) this week, I'm not having that problem. I'm running around, I'm participating fully in practice, not taking any plays off. I feel pretty good. I like my chances.

Q:  Is it just conditioning that's holding you back?
A: I'm in shape. I've been running. Even when I was injured, I've been running every week. That's probably why it took me so long to come back in the first place. I feel pretty good. I'm not worried about my conditioning or anything like that.

Q:  What's holding you back from being 100%?
A: Just getting my mind right, getting the confidence back in my knee that I can make the plays that I need to make. They said I needed two more days of practice; I got those in, and I feel pretty good.

Q:  Did you watch the Dallas-Washington game yesterday?
A: Yeah.

Q:  How does that affect you guys and how you have a chance to extend your lead in the division?
A: I think it's a big game for us. I really think it's a big game for us. We definitely want to keep the advantage over both teams, because Washington is right behind us also now, and we also play them next week. To win this game and hopefully win the game next week would put us where we want to be.

Q:  If you can play, will you be at your peak right away?
A: I would hope so. I don't feel like I'm going to hurt the team, I don't feel like I'm going to hurt myself. I think I'm able to make plays and the moment I feel like I can't, I won't go out there.


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