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Safety Kenny Phillips Media Q/A


Q: What is the mood of the team and do you feel like you let one get away?A: We definitely feel like it is one that we let get away, not taking anything away from them because they are a good team. We just didn't play as well as we should have. When I say we let it get away, I mean we really let one get away. Some of the small things, we didn't do well.

Q: What does Michael Boley mean to the defense?A: He is basically the voice of the defense. He gets the D-Line lined up and he makes a lot of the defensive calls. When he is on the field, it gives Perry the opportunity to make a lot of different calls and put a lot on his shoulders. He is really the voice and he is a playmaker.

Q: How did things change when Boley left the game? Did it handcuff the defense?A: Maybe a little. His going down was definitely big for us. Like I said, he is one of our top guys on defense. We had to move some young guys into a position that they weren't necessarily ready for. In the end, I think the played pretty good and they will learn from the last game we just played.

Q: Is there a different feeling about this team even though you did not win yesterday?A: That is what a lot of people say about us but we know the type of guys we have in our locker room. We believe in each other and I believe that we keep getting better. We get better each week and yes, we just lost the game, but we have a lot of positives that we can take from it and continue to build on.

Q: How different are the Eagles without Michael Vick?A: He is definitely one of their weapons and he makes their offense go. He always gives you that run-pass option. For the most part, we will prepare like he is going to play and if he doesn't, we are not mad at him.

Q: Does it annoy you that the Giants not finishing in the second part of the season keeps coming up?A: I haven't even thought about it and in our locker room, we haven't even spoken on it. This is a totally different team, we are at a totally different place than we were a year ago. I think we are more mature and knowing the importance of what we have coming up, I think we are ready for this stretch. You can tell by the morale we have in the locker room and just the way we handle this loss. Us as individuals, I think we are headed in the right direction.

Q: What is it going to be like playing the Eagles at home for the first time since last year and perhaps bury their season?A: We know it is a big game, it is a division game and it is a game that we need and want to win. As far as last year, we are not worried about that. We are going out and playing a good team even though their record doesn't show it. We are just trying to go out and get a W.

Q: Are you surprised that they got off to a bad start?A: I haven't even been watching them like that, I am not even sure of their record. I think it is 3-6 but they are still a good team. They have a lot of weapons. They were playing better recently. I don't know, I still think they are a pretty good team.

Q: What did you see from Michael Coe yesterday and how can this secondary be different without Aaron Ross?A: Michael Coe showed what type of guy he is when he stepped in yesterday. He is a good player and he works his butt off in practice. He works his butt off in the film room and he is definitely a player that we count on, so if that situation occurred, I don't think it would be a drop off at all.

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