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Safety Stevie Brown - 12/12

Q: Tony Gonzalez is getting older, yet he still gets open. Why?
A: He's a master of his craft. He knows he's not the fastest anymore, but he still knows how to position his body to get open and he does what he does because he's a veteran. He's a smart football player and he's good.

Q: Gonzalez gets conversions on third downs probably better than any other tight end in this league. You would think everybody knows where the ball is going and you can stop it.
A: That's another thing that benefits him with him being able to position his body well. If it's coming to him, he'll be able to shield off defenders and is able to position his body where he's only able to catch it and Matt Ryan puts it there.

Q: Does it look like Ryan plays to him in certain spots?
A: I wouldn't say he plays to him in certain spots, but I would definitely say he's his safety outlet and safety valve.

Q: Jones, White and Gonzalez. They have so many weapons as receivers. What's the focus for this defensive unit?
A: You can't just have one primary focus with all of that between Roddy White and Julio Jones. They're both deep threats and home run guys that can hit you at any time. So you have to be cautious about that and then Gonzalez being the possession receiver that he is you've got to be aware of him at all times as well and then with the two running backs they have… It's a very balanced attack, so you can't just go in with a simple focus. You have to protect everything and guard against everything.

Q: Why do you think they're so much better at home?
A: Everybody likes to play at home. It's comfortable. You have your fans behind you and everything like that. Just home field advantage.Q: Are they a typical dome team that everything has to be precise with them to make it work?
A: I don't think so, but I have to watch a little bit more film. In their conference, they have two outdoor games. They're not what you call cold areas as well, so we'll see.Q: Three games to go with a lot on the line, what's the confidence level with the Giants right now?
A: It's high. Everybody believes in everybody here and everybody has each other's back and we know if we win these three games, we get to go to the playoffs, so we're definitely trying to do that.

Q: This is the time of year when you guys usually play your best football?
A: Yeah, definitely. Coach Coughlin always says we're the road warriors, so we know we're going to go in there as the underdogs and we're just going to play as hard as we can.


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