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SBXLVI Media Day: LB Michael Boley


(On staying in shape) "Pretty much just try and eat the right things. I'm not going to say I do all the time but try to, trying to do a little extra in the weight room – get some extra workouts in throughout the week, keep your body in shape."

(On getting to the NFL) "I've always thought I've had what it takes even in high school. It's kind of one of those things where you have a dream and you keep pushing for it regardless of what anybody says. You're going to make it."

(On what 'Win From Within' means to him) "To me, a win from within is going out and playing every play like it's your last, leaving everything you've got out there on the field."

(On pregame rituals) "Besides listening to music, I talk to my mom before every game just to reach out. That's my best friend right there. I reach out to her and we chat, we laugh before the game. That's pretty much the one thing that I try to do before every game."

(On if the defensive line and offensive line is the deciding factor to the outcome of this game) "Yes. I think so. Our O-line and their O-line and vice versa, both D-lines, I think that's going to be the tale of the tape when everything boils down as far as running the ball and stopping the run."

(On the New England Patriot tight ends) "Their tight ends, they propose a lot of threats. Not just because they're two tremendous athletes, but because they both do a lot of different things as far as alignment. Alignment wise, that's where it all starts. They split those guys out as No. 1 receivers and they put them in slots like they're receivers. They try to cause mismatch problems, but I think the thing that helps us the most is we have a great linebacker core. We also have three great safeties that can come down and get their hands on those guys to make it easier."

(On covering long passes) "I'm very confident that we'll do a good job on our game plan as far as the things that we're going to try to do to slow down their offense and the tempo that they have."

(On keeping his head clear the week leading up to the game) "Easy. I never have a problem sleeping. Obviously I know it's a big game, but I look at it like you can't lose sleep over it. Rest is important especially at this point in the week."

(On Philadelphia fans) "Philly fans get after you a bit. My second year there, my mom went to the game and she told me a fan poured beer in her hair."

(On when the Giants knew they were a Super Bowl caliber team) "We always thought that. For us, throughout the ups and downs throughout the year it was all about finding that groove. We went through some stretches that were just horrendous, but being able to bounce back from all the adversity that we've had throughout the year whether it be injuries or non-consistent play, I think after that Washington game we found that groove so to speak."

(On Eli Manning's fourth quarter play) "It helped us out a lot. There were a lot of times that we, defensively, weren't really doing too well, and the offense and Eli, they bailed us out of some tough situations. So, throughout the course of the year, we always knew that when it came down to the fourth quarter, we knew something would happen."

(On the defensive players that motivate the team) "No, not really. We do a good job on defense as a collective unit. We always help each other get ready. It's not just one or two guys doing the talking or doing the motivating. We all motivate each other."

(On tight end Rob Gronkowski's injury) "Our whole mindset is that he is going to be 100 percent by game time, especially given a game of this magnitude. I can't expect anything but his best."

(On Gronkowski) "His size alone just creates a lot of problems for a lot of people. It's rare to get tight ends his size that can actually run through the routes and get open, so the problem is not only his speed but also his route running."

(On defending the pass) "You have to do a good job of ball awareness, playing the ball once it's in the air. For us, we know  most receivers once they catch the ball, they want to bring it down and tuck it so they don't fumble. So, we have to try to get a hand in that pocket and try to knock it out."

(On quarterback Tom Brady) "We believe that our coaches are putting in a great game plan for us to be able to stop the things that they do."

(On the tight ends) "It's rare to have really good tight ends on one team, but they're both different at the same time. Gronkowski, he is pretty much a true tight end, but (Aaron) Hernandez comes in and they move him all over the field. The last couple of games, he even was put in the backfield and ran the ball, so things like that can propose a challenge as far as alignment and assignment and just different things that they can do to mix it up on you pretty well."

(On tackling) "It makes it very important. They, throughout the course of the year, have been known to take those short passes and turn them into big gains that were from guys who missed tackles, missed coverage. Those are the things that I think we need to focus on."

(On Southern Mississippi) "Amazing. I was impressed to see where we came from last year to this year and to make the big strides and come back to win the conference. I was excited.

(On the key to a good defense) "Stopping the run. We know that they love to pass the ball, but running the ball is something they've been able to do quite well the last couple of weeks given the different things that they do."

(On Tom Brady in the pocket) "You have to stay in your coverage. We know that they've got a great group of skilled players, so the more that they get out and do different things that they do, it's going to be tough. We're going to try to not give them time like that."

(On nerves) "It's just the next game. I don't really see much to be nervous about."

(On if he's faced something like New England's tight ends) "No not really. You can compare them to the group out in San Fran, but they're a totally different group as far as the things that they do."

(On preparing for the tight ends) "Our whole approach from Day 1 is to not let guys run free down the field. For us, our whole game is about being physical and making guys earn what they do."

(On the best part about being here) "The best part about being here is the experience. You get an opportunity that a lot of people dream their whole life about. I've seen guys play in this league a long time and never make it to this point, so it's just the whole experience being here."

(On fans being a part of media day) "I love it. For the fans to actually come out, they get to see us not only after the week, but they get to see us throughout the week as well."

(On Gronkowski) "That's our approach to it. We're definitely preparing like he's going to play and he's going to be 100 percent."

(On if Gronkowski doesn't play) "We'll just have to adjust. That's one of the things that Coach Coughlin always talks about, mystery and adjust. That will be one of the things that he'll have to adjust on the fly."

(On Jacquian Williams being healthy) "I'm very confident. I think him sitting out was just basically precautionary, but I think he'll be back and ready to roll."

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