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Secondary Coach Peter Giunta

Q: Last season you guys got a lot of pressure put on you because the line didn't put pressure on the quarterback…if they generate more pressure, will you guys be able to snag more interceptions?

A: Well, I think we will play with a little bit different scheme and a little different technique so hopefully our interception rate will go up and we want to prevent completions as well. You know, you want to keep the percentage of completions of the quarterback way down, and other times you want to have eyes on the quarterback so you can break and make plays on the ball. I think our interception rate will go up this year, definitely.

Q: Has Perry Fewell changed anything with the way you guys approach and play the game?

A: Yes, he changed some things we're going to do defensively, more with takeaways and trying to see the quarterback more. In the past, we were always playing man, man, man really and identify whether we should use zone coverage or man coverage, we were set on the matchups. This year, we are going with more of a read the quarterback and see him with the ball and get to ball.

Q: Does that match the personnel you have better?

A: I think it's good because we are going to mix whether we do a pattern read or whether we are going to read the quarterback and be more of a pure zone team. That good mix we have will really help us to keep the quarterback off balance.

Q: What do you think you need to accomplish in the next two weeks?

A: I think we have to all learn the defense. Everyone has to be on the same page as far as the new defensive scheme goes. As a new defensive unit, we are very cohesive and everyone can anticipate and know what the other guys are supposed to do and going to do on any given play.   * *

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