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Secondary/Cornerbacks Coach Peter Giunta

Q. RE: Aaron Ross return

A. It's great to see him out there practicing a little bit today. He's worked his tail off in rehab. He came back and had a set-back a few weeks ago, it's unfortunate. Those things happen every once in a while. Sometimes you work too hard, try too hard to come back too soon when that happens. We are looking forward to having him back.

Q. RE: How to get Aaron Ross back into the lineup.

A. He missed all the pre-season and all the regular season. Missed 13 games, so you first have to get the rust off and get his timing back and do all those kinds of things. Hopefully, we will get a situation where he can bump people around a little rather than going right into live football the first time he makes any contact. It's nice to kind of wean him in during the preseason, a few plays here and few plays there and build it up. He doesn't have that opportunity right now, so he'll have to get himself ready. When he puts some pads back on, he'll hit the sled, do some things with leg-driving, wrapping up and those kinds of things.

Q. Do you think it's good that people are taking a break, the coaches are getting some break…?

A. Yeah, we will get some break over the weekend. Coach did a great job with the bye week to get ready for Denver and Atlanta because of the Thanksgiving game. Our schedule is fantastic, to let everyone get away, get a break and come back raring and ready to go and get back to Atlanta.

Q. Have you done any work on Denver?

A. Yeah, we did. We did some demo-work. We are splitting it with Denver and Atlanta so we can get a head start on that. So when we come back after the game on Sunday against Atlanta, that Monday we are ready. Everything is done, all the paper work and stuff is done so we are ready to go on the field.

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