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Film Study: Shane Lemieux epitomizes 'hog molly'

This is the third in our series of articles taking a deeper dive with the use of data and game film into the Giants' 2020 draft class. We have already studied Andrew Thomas and Xavier McKinney. Here is a look at fifth-round pick Shane Lemieux.

Athletic Traits

I like to use two different metrics when evaluating a player's measureables. The first is RAS, which stands for Relative Athletic Score. It is a formula created by Kent Lee Platte and compares a player's measurements and testing during the pre-draft process to everyone else at the position that has been tested since 1987. A 10 is the highest score with 5 being a true average score. You can find all the class's RAS scores at

Shane Lemieux RAS

The other useful illustration are the spider graphs posted at, which provides a nice visual of what a player's strengths are compared to others at the position. The numbers represent the percentile each player ranks in each category relative to the other players at his position.

Lemieux's athletic profile matches up well with what you see on tape. He ranked in the top quarter of offensive linemen in the broad jump and 40-yard dash. He was above average in in his 10-yard split in the 40 and bench press. He did not lift at the combine but bench pressed 225 pounds 26 times at his pro day. Those numbers portray a powerful athlete that can move people in the run game.

He ran a 4.9 short shuttle and a 8.13 in the 3-cone, drills that measures agility, change of direction and ability to move side to side. Those numbers indicate he is probably further along as a run blocker than a pass protector, which is what most analysts said during the pre-draft process.

College History (Advanced Production Numbers Courtesy of Pro Football Focus)

2016: True Freshman Season – 12 Starts at left guard – Honorable Mention Pac 12 All-Academic

PFF Numbers: 373 pass blocking snaps, 7 sacks, 4 QB hits and 16 QB hurries allowed

2017: Sophomore Season – 13 starts at left guard - Honorable Mention Pac 12 All-Academic

PFF Numbers: 377 pass blocking snaps, 5 sacks, 2 QB hits and 4 QB hurries allowed

2018: Junior Season – 13 starts at left guard – 2nd Team All-Pac 12 - Honorable Mention Pac 12 All-Academic

PFF Numbers: 489 pass blocking snaps, 2 sack, 0 QB hits, and 10 QB hurries allowed

2019: Senior Season – 14 starts at right tackle – 2nd Team All-American - 2nd Team All-Pac 12 - Honorable Mention Pac 12 All-Academic

PFF Numbers: 497 pass blocking snaps, 1 sack, 4 QB hit, and 14 QB Hurries allowed

Lemieux accepted his invitation to the Senior Bowl but declined to attend, reportedly due to injury.

Overall: 168th on PFF's big board.

Injuries: Missed no games due to injury in college

Athletic Background: He was a three-star guard recruit out of high school (34th ranked guard in the class) and played tight end before moving to offensive line as a high school sophomore. He also played defensive line. He graduated Oregon early with a degree in in criminal law.

View photos of former Oregon G Shane Lemieux

Film Study

We'll focus on Lemieux in the run game first, since that is his strength.

What's the best breakfast food? PANCAKES! On this outside zone run, Lemieux puts his man on his back.

Finishing a play is important. On this play, Lemieux gets to the linebacker level and plays through the whistle, bringing his man to the ground.

It is something we see from Lemieux often on film. On this goal line play, Lemieux drives his man into the end zone and to the ground to clear space for the touchdown run.

On this power run, Lemieux pulls to the right and eliminates the linebacker in the hole to clear the path for the Oregon running back.

On the final run play, Lemieux hits the defensive tackle at the line to give his center time to engage the block. He then gets to the second level and does his best Quenton Nelson impression on the opposing linebacker.

Lemieux is a smart player. On this pass play, he reads the End-Tackle twist and carries the defensive end coming inside.

We see Lemieux's athleticism on this screen pass, as he gets out in front of the running back. He can move quickly in a straight line in space.

On this play, Lemieux finds that he does not have a rusher one on one, so he turns his attention to his center, who does. He takes the free shot and annihilates the nose tackle, taking him out of the play.

There is no game tape of Lemieux playing center, but according to Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal, Lemieux practiced there often. He is a smart, powerful, physical player who should be able to contribute immediately in the power run game. His intelligence indicates he can handle the mental part of the center position that is so important. Once the team hits the practice field, it will be fun to see how his skillset transfers to that position.


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