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Spags & Bradford talk Giants


Steve Spagnuolobegan by* *reacquainting himself with the voices that covered him as the Giants defensive coordinator from 2007-08.

"Hello to everybody and all my friends back east. I am not sure who is on here but maybe I will recognize the voices and if not, I am saying hello to everybody. Really quick, our football team is looking forward to playing the Giants on Monday Night Football and everything that goes with it. We had a rough one last week but we are working hard to bounce back."

He then reflected on his time with the Giants organization and Tom Coughlin.

"You guys know that I have a great deal of respect for coach Coughlin. I am totally indebted to the fact that he gave me an opportunity to be a coordinator in this league and I benefited greatly from working for two terrific head coaches. Had I only been in one system, that being Philadelphia for those eight years and been blessed enough to get this kind of job, it would have been functioned as one. I was so lucky that I got to work with someone like Tom, who showed different ways and other ways to do it. I was really fortunate when I came here, I could pull from two places. There is a lot that goes on here that has a New York Giant flavor to it."

He added: "Things go all the way from practice schedules to how you handle your meetings. What you put into practice and how you structure it. There is some Giants flavor, there is some Eagles flavor and some we add on our own and make it up as we go. Hopefully, when you put it all together we have a Rams organization system and that's what we go with."

Spagnuolo then commented on the status of Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson:

"He won't practice today. He is battling a quad strain and with a running back, that is always iffy. Our history with Steven is that he knows his body better than anybody else and I trust him and how he rehabs. He works at it all the time at keeping his body right. When we get to the end of the week, we will see where we are. If he is able to go, then he will go and if not, we will move on to somebody else."

QB Sam Bradfordspoke about his own injury to his finger.

"It's good. It's gotten a lot better. I think it's ahead of schedule right now because our trainers after the game initially thought I wouldn't throw until Thursday or Friday, but I actually made some throws yesterday and went through a full practice today. It's still a little sore, but it feels great and I think it's on track to get back to 100 percent."

Bradford was then asked if there was a Giants flavor to the Rams.  

"Yeah. Obviously with Spags coming from the Giants and being defensive-minded, there's been a lot of similarities in their defense and ours. Obviously there are some differences, but certain defenses, certain coverages are played the same way. I think some of the things that we've seen in training camp, you can probably anticipate seeing in the game on Monday night."

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