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Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn - 12/6

Q:  With David Wilson seeing an increased role on the offense, do you worry that his focus for kickoff return has slipped at all?A: No, not at all. We've had guys that have had multiple jobs; (Ahmad) Bradshaw, when he was a rookie, he did the same thing. We're aware of that. If he does increase, we have backup returners who are ready to go.

Q:  Do you think kickoff return is a play that should be changed?A: No, I don't think so. It's a good part of the game. I think kicking off from the 35 has decreased the number of injuries, and we'll continue to see that trend.

Q:  Thoughts on the field position the last few games:A: Poor field position. Penalties lose games because you lose field position, so you can't do that to our offense, make them start from the eight and the nine, that's very poor. We have to keep our hands inside and we can't hold.

Q:  Were they blatant penalties?A: The two were on kickoff return and the punt return one was questionable, but they'll call it if the guy starts to go down, which he did. The two kickoff return (penalties), Jim (Cordle) has to keep his hands inside. It's on our back.

Q:  Will Domenik Hixon be taking some punt return duties?A: If he's active, we'll start getting him back into his role, getting him on some special teams. Hopefully we'll see an increase if he's active.

Q:  On punt or kickoff return?A: He's done both well. Just seeing how the game flows, if David is playing more on offense, it might be something that he will do. We're ready to go either way, just trying to get him more involved.

Q:  Does the same go for Rueben Randle? If he's more involved, will Domenik Hixon take his punt return snaps?A: Not necessarily, Rueben has kind of done that all year long and he played a bunch of plays last week and did the punt return. That's not something…

Q:  Late in the season, do you add a starter onto special teams to "shore it up?"A: We just have to do our job. If you're hired to play special teams, you have to get it done. It's always constantly revolving on the bottom of the roster, who's active and who's playing. We have enough new guys coming in, and the starters have enough to worry about, offense and defense. We do have starters on; Keith Rivers started last week and he played on three teams. Chase (Blackburn) plays on one team. We have a lot of those guys involved.

Q:  Do you expect to stick with Jim Cordle and his role?A: We'll see. It's always based on who's active and who's not. If he's active, we want to play the guys who are active. He'll correct the issue that he had so it won't happen again.


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